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“       hou shalt promptly devise a     you; combine your treat for yourself with
                                              the blessing of serving others.
              monthly budget” is not a biblical
        Tcommandment, incumbent upon            Drafting a budget enables us to identify
        people setting up their own home. But   problems and make changes so that we
        making a budget is both common sense   can avoid the bondage of debt. “The borrower
        and part of a good theology of money.  is the slave of the lender” (Pro 22:7).
        Biblical Principles at Play             Providing for the needs of our household
          Scripture commends proper planning.   is a Christian responsibility. “If anyone
        “The plans of the diligent lead surely to   does not provide for his relatives, and
        abundance, but everyone who is hasty   especially for members of his household,
        comes only to poverty” (Pro 21:5).  “Go   he has denied the faith and is worse than
        to the ant …” (Pro 6:6-11).           an unbeliever” (1Ti 5:8). Budgeting isn’t
          Budgeting can help us in prioritizing   a Bible law, but is a tool to help us fulfill
        with our finances. We may want to     biblical responsibilities.
        provide better financial support for the   Biblical Examples to Consider
        work of the Lord; a budget lets us see   In Luke 14:28-30, the Lord Jesus used
        where our money is going and how we   the example of a man who wanted to
        can reallocate funds for better purposes.   build a tower but failed to budget, and
        “Seek first the kingdom of God and his   was subsequently embarrassed because he
        righteousness, and all these things will be   started a project that he could not finish.
        added to you” (Mat 6:33).             The Lord used this to teach a lesson about
          We are stewards of all that God provides   something much more important: a failure
        us, including our money. He expects us   to count the cost of following Christ. But
        to use it wisely, not carelessly. “One who   His choice of such a scenario is indicative
        is faithful in a very little is also faithful in   of how financial budgeting is simply
        much, and one who is dishonest in a very   a logical, common sense approach to
        little is also dishonest in much” (Luk 16:10;   living wisely. Shame, disappointment and
        see also vv1-13).                     frustration are all common consequences
          Budgeting can help us in developing   of poor financial planning.
        the graces of self-control and discipline.   Upon being given responsibility over
        “A man without self-control is like a city   Pharaoh’s empire, Joseph was tasked
        broken into and left without walls” (Pro   with managing Egypt’s food supply
        25:28). How much does our budget allow   (Gen 41). He knew what the future held,
        us to spend on eating out this month?   and essentially, he budgeted the nation’s
        And if you do choose to spend money at   resources  to  provide  for  the  people
        a restaurant instead of preparing a meal   through the years of famine. There is
        at home, consider inviting someone to join   an important lesson here. Although we
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   don’t have certainty about the future, it
        the ESV.                              is reasonable to expect financial needs

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