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D      ear Jon,                       invention money is. We earn it by the work
                                                I hope you see what a wonderful
                 You’ve been in Christ for
        D two months and I’ve only now
                                              to purchase needs and desires we could
        realized your name means “generous.”   we do, and with that money we are able
        I’m glad you’ve been poring over the   never produce on our own. And all this
        Gospels; they’re must-reads for a brand-  is of God “who richly provides us with
        new Christian. Have you noticed how   everything to enjoy” (1Ti 6:17; cf. Deu
        much our Lord has to say about money?   8:18; 14:25-26).  Paying taxes in exchange
        The reason is simple: We are His stewards,   for government benefits and paying a
        and He will call us one day to give account   worker promptly for his service to you are
        for how we managed His money. We must   examples of using money according to its
        understand, therefore, what the Way has   purpose, and ways of living out your new
        to say about the purpose of money. It is   faith in Christ (Pro 3:27-28; Rom 13:7; Mat
        given to us so that we might spend it, give   22:21; Jas 5:1-6).
        it, invest it and use it.             To Give for Nothing in Return
        To Spend in Return for Goods            Here’s where your name comes in, Jon.
        & Services                            Not only are we to work to earn money
                                              so we can spend it, we are also to work
          Basic, yes, but it’s important for you to   to earn money in order to give it. Away.
        know it’s biblical. The purpose of money   Freely. A much older discipleship letter
        is to serve as a currency that everyone   than this one says: “Let the thief no longer
        values so that goods and services can be   steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest
        exchanged. My barber has so far been   work with his own hands, so that he may
        reluctant to cut my hair in exchange for   have something to share with anyone in
        my sermon manuscripts. My money       need” (Eph 4:28). The man who wrote
        seems to answer, though! In the same   those words lived by them. Paul worked
        way, how did Abraham get a burial plot   hard so that he could help the weak, and
        for his wife, and the ancient world food   he learned to do so from Christ Himself
        for their starving families during the time   ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from
        of Joseph? With money (Gen 23:16; 47:14).  the ESV.

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