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Exposure                              Barnabas’ devotion (Act 4:36-37), they
                                              wanted to appear just as generous. As
          “Keep your life free from love of money”
        (Heb 13:5).  For most of us, that’s easier   Peter explained, they were under no
                                              obligation to sell the field, nor to give all
        said than done. Covetousness permeates   to the Lord (Act 5:4). But for this couple,
        our western air and contaminates just   money mattered more than honesty;
        about everything we tap or swipe. It   otherwise, they would have given it all, or
        may not seem all that harmful, or even   they would have been honest about what
        “healthy consumerism,” but Scripture   they had kept. Is money worth more to
        calls it a killer. Under the microscope of   me than honesty?
        God’s Word, let’s see love of money for   Measuring Life by Possessions
        what it is, and then the divinely prescribed
        treatment.                              Our Lord warned, “Take care, and be on
                                              your guard against all covetousness, for
        Symptoms                              one’s life does not consist in the abundance

        Mesmerized by Material Details        of his possessions” (Luk 12:15). Is my life
                                              focused on acquiring stuff? Am I thinking
          Achan was infected. The Lord’s      that a new this or that will make me better,
        instructions were fresh in his ear (Jos   or happier, or gain me respect? Christ
        6:17), God’s law was clear (Deu 7:26),   warned that covetousness is on the attack!
        but Achan’s confession showed what    Making Wealth My Goal
        filled and thrilled his heart. Listen to his
        descriptive details: “a beautiful cloak from   Paul wrote about “those who want
        Shinar, and 200 shekels of silver, and a   to be rich” (1Ti 6:9  CSB). Translated
        bar of gold weighing 50 shekels” (Jos   “want,” “desire,” “will to be,” or “long
                                              to be,” the point is the same: If becoming
        7:21). The label, the count, and the exact   rich is a dream or goal, I’m infected.
        weight – the details of the items mattered   We’re responsible as stewards to use the
        more than God’s detailed instructions. It’s   resources He has entrusted us for His
        no wonder that Achan “saw … coveted …   glory. We must work to eat (2Th 3:10), and
        and took.” What details mesmerize me? Is   we must provide for our families (1Ti 5:8),
        my heart taken up with brands, numbers   but let’s examine our motives before the
        and features, or with the intricacies and   Lord: Is fulfilling these responsibilities my
        beauties of divine truth?             goal, or has wealth become my goal? Do I
        Money Matters More than Honesty       desire to be rich?
          When  Ananias and Sapphira saw      Side Effects
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from
        the ESV unless otherwise noted.         Love of money won’t stay an isolated

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