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ark was an imperfect servant.   than Paul. But far greater even than Paul’s
                 While on a missionary journey   recommendation was this fact: Mark was
        Mwith Barnabas and the apostle        sovereignly selected by the Spirit of God
        Paul, he lost his courage and, leaving his   to write the Gospel of the Perfect Servant.
        companions  in  Perga,  returned  home   The God of grace uses bruised reeds –
        to  his  mother  in  Jerusalem.  Paul  and   there are no other reeds available to him,
        Barnabas, continuing on to Antioch,   apart from Christ. We must never forget:
        Iconium, Lystra and Derbe, experienced   failure need not be final.
        assault and stoning before returning    However, while failure marks us all, it
        eventually  to  Jerusalem.  There  they   is not what we should aim at or be content
        rehearsed what God had done with them.   with. Mark, an imperfect servant, has put
        Many had been saved; God had “opened   on record the career of the Perfect Servant
        the door of faith unto the Gentiles” (Act   who has left us an example to follow (cf.
        14:27).  As Mark heard the report of their   1Pe 2:21). Occupying our minds with this
        exploits, he must have wished he had   Servant speeds us in our own service.
        never deserted his post.                  “No broken service, Lord, was thine
          God is, however, the God of grace.          No change was in Thy way
        He placed in close companionship with         Unsullied in Thy holiness
        Mark three men who would leave their         Thy strength knew no decay.”
        own impression on his life. These men
        were Paul, Barnabas and Peter. Paul     In this series of articles we will consider
        was straight-talking; he soon let Mark   together Mark’s portrait of the Perfect
        know what was expected of him. Tender-  Servant. It divides into the following four
        hearted Barnabas drew alongside Mark to   sections:
        encourage him. Peter exemplified to Mark   The Servant’s Identity (Ch.1:1-13)
        what true restoration to useful service for   The Servant’s Activity (Ch.1:14-8:21)
        God was like.                           The Servant’s Itinerary (Ch.8:22-10:52)
          As a result, Mark was a changed man.   The Servant’s Destiny (Ch.11:1-16:20)
        A decade after his failure he received   Isaiah contains four Servant Songs
        commendation from no less a servant   which correspond to these sections of
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   Mark’s Gospel. The first is in Isaiah 42.
        the KJV.                              God identifies His Servant: “Behold my

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