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attack  was  to  lure  the  woman  in  the   particularly in the local church. Feminism
        Garden of Eden through various means,   is  not  the  answer  to  human  sin  –  the
        tempting her to discard the role given   glorious gospel of Christ (which feminism
        to her as helpmeet and to take a place of   opposes) is. The Bible teaches (and Christ
        leadership that had been divinely given   clearly  taught)  that  women  have  an
        to Adam. It clearly states in Genesis 3:6,   intrinsic value equal to that of men. Unlike
        “She took of the fruit thereof, and [she] did   feminism, the gospel does more than just
        eat, and [she] gave also unto her husband   attempt to liberate persons from perceived
        with her.” Adam sadly surrendered his   peripheral difficulties in this life. It deals
        place as head as the woman took the reins   with the root cause of our sin, enabling
        of control.                           men and women to live in harmony as
          The Bible teaches us that the enemy of   God intended for eternity!
        our souls has nothing new in his attempts
        to lure people away from God (1Co 10:13).   The Imperativeness of
        One only has to read secular history to   Headship
        find there have been numerous specific   In a world that is utterly hostile to
        efforts, by both men and women, to attack
        headship and challenge the order that   the mind of God, we as believers have
        God set into creation.                a  solemn  responsibility  to  uphold  the
          In July 1848, a movement commenced in   Word of God. We must first recognise that
                                              although God requires nothing less than
        Seneca Falls, New York. Originally known   obedience, cold mechanicalism and form
        as the “Seneca Falls Convention,” it was   will reduce us to nothing more than robots
        to discuss the political, social, cultural,
        financial and personal rights of women   in this life and rob us of reward in the
        in society. Advancing into the modern   next. Because of this prevailing attitude
        feminist movement, it continues to this   our Lord Himself gave a solemn warning
        present moment with relentless passion,   to the assembly at Ephesus regarding the
        particularly in the developed world.    swift removal of their testimony (Rev 2:5).
        To gain some idea of what lies behind   Has such coldness left many Christians
        this agenda one only has to observe the   without a true appreciation for the
        symbol that fronts the movement (see   precious subject of headship?
        image below). Developed in the 1960s    We must have solid biblical answers
                 and  inspired  by  the  Roman   ready as to why practices are being
                 goddess Venus, it is an upside-  upheld in the local assembly, such as the
                 down cross, with an upstanding   distinct differences in the roles of men
                 clenched fist, surrounded by a   and women. Does what is being practiced
                 circle representing global unity.   in the assembly correspond to or conflict
          Those  upholding  and  promoting    with  my  manner  of  life  in  the  home,
        feminism  have  hidden  behind  a  thin   marriage and work place? It is the writer’s
        veil, believing that the movement will   desire that in this present generation
        eliminate female suffering at the hands   we recover a true understanding of this
        of abusive men. This thought has even   precious truth that will lead us in heartfelt
        permeated Christian thinking, influencing   willingness to practice and uphold all that
        some to abandon the doctrine of headship,   our God desires.

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