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The Importance of Headship            itself there are distinct roles performed by
          I  don’t  have  to  educate  any  of  my   divine Persons.
        readers that we live in a distorted world   The Institution of Headship
        where the flavour of the day is rebellion
        against God. Truly, in mainstream western   The institution of headship actually
        society, “there is no fear of God before their   precedes  the  creation  of  the  human
        eyes” (Rom 3:18),  and biblical principles   race, taking us into heaven where we
        that were once upheld are being cast out   observe the distinction of roles given in
        at an alarming pace. While Christians will   the  angelic  realm.  Ultimately,  it  takes
        acknowledge that the Bible is the Word of   its precedence from the very throne of
        God, there is an increasing trend to ignore   God, where we find headship clearly
        or even jettison certain parts of it that   displayed.  The first chapter of the Bible
        conflict with what society and culture may   immediately introduces us to the doctrine
        endorse. We see this with issues such as   of headship. God says, “Let us make man
        LGBTQ, women’s rights, abortion and the   in our image, after our likeness: and let
        opposition to the discipline of children, to   them have dominion over the fish of the
        name a few. If we want to find answers to   sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over
        these pressing difficulties, it is important   the cattle, and over all the earth, and over
        for us to understand the biblical doctrine   every creeping thing that creepeth upon
        of headship. A true appreciation of this   the earth. So God created man in his own
        subject would fortify us, like Peter and the   image, in the image of God created he him;
        apostles, to say, “We ought to obey God   male and female created he them” (Gen
        rather than men” (Act 5:29).          1:26-27). God gave the role of dominion
           There is no one-liner that will suffice   to man, placing a distinction not only
        when  coming  to  an  understanding  of   between mankind and animals but also
        headship,  but  a  simple  starting  point   between the roles of male and female.
        would be to see that headship is the   Headship is not a doctrine to be scoffed at,
        distinct appointment of God-given roles.   nor does it introduce any thought to our
        If we see headship as divine Roles, we   minds of inferiority or inequality between
        may also understand lordship as divine   persons. This will become increasingly
        Rule, fellowship as divine Relationship,   clear as we progress through this subject,
        discipleship as divine Regulation and   appreciating  the  wisdom  of  God  in
        worship as divine Reverence. We will   these distinctly different and divinely
        perceive the importance of headship when   appointed responsibilities.
        we see that it touches every sphere of
        creation, every dispensation of men, and   The Interception of Headship
        every part of our lives, reaching up to the   So  fundamental  is  this  subject  of
        very throne of God. Within the Godhead   headship to the heart of God that the devil
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   knew if he could attack this first he would
        the KJV.                              ruin the entire human race. His cunning

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