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will pull us back through 1 Timothy 6:6,   Spirit of God never contradict each other,
        “Godliness with contentment is great   and proof that we are sons of God is our
        gain.” This is minding the things of the   willingness to be led by the Spirit of God
        Spirit.                              (8:14).
          The word “mind” is the Greek word  A Mode of Communication
        phronema and defines our intention and   Before salvation, our perception of
        purpose of thought. Daniel intended from   prayer was an essential ritual to gain
        the start to make sure he would not obey   favour with God. Now the indwelling
        the flesh but would obey God’s word. The   Spirit has changed the direction of our
        flesh might have suggested to Daniel that   minds heavenward so that we have a
        he was far from home and no one would   desire to speak to God our Father through
        hold it against him if he ate the tasty   the Lord Jesus Christ. Yet what do we ask
        Babylonian menu. But Daniel planned it   for? We know the general objective of our
        otherwise. Intentions are very powerful   prayers, but we often struggle with the
        and operate by seeking approval in order   detail and the outcome because of the
        to progress. If the intention of my mind   conflict and presence of the flesh, which
        is to gain approval from man and not   can colour our desires and motives so that
        God, then my body and behaviour will be   we can easily pray outside God’s will. Does
        steered by the wrong compass.        this mean God won’t get the right message?
          This is the weakness in social media   No. Romans 8 teaches us not only of the
        that appeals to the mind of the flesh by   requirement to be spiritually minded but
        encouraging approval based on what I   to remember our spiritual resource, “the
        eat, where I holiday and what I look like.   mind of the Spirit.” God knows our needs
        Young believers looking for a suitable wife   because there are two persons interceding
        or husband may meet someone online only   on our behalf. In verse 26 there is the Holy
        to find out he or she is not a believer. The   Spirit, and in verse 27, the Lord Jesus. It
        flesh says they are attractive, and if you say   is the indwelling Holy Spirit that “joins”
        “no” you might not get anyone else. But the   (JND) to help us in our weakness and to
        Spirit tells you not to be unequally yoked   represent us before the throne of God. The
        together with an unbeliever (2Co 6:14).  One who sits on the throne, the Lord Jesus
          The  spiritual  mind  is  not  only  life   Christ, knows the “mind of the Spirit” and
        but peace. There is a peace of mind to   is perfectly positioned to know and meet
        be enjoyed presently that  comes from   our every need. We are very well cared for.
        following the indwelling Spirit in the   Did Daniel pray for God to close the
        decisions you make. Carnal unbelievers   lions’ mouths? If not, God knew just what
        can never master their mind, for when they   was needed, for the mind of the Spirit
        are rocked by problems they often turn to   “maketh intercession,” communicating on
        an artificial painkiller such as alcohol or   our behalf to God what we cannot. God
        drugs to drown the sorrows of the mind.   doesn’t search our minds for imperfections
        But believers have the Holy Spirit as their   but for the mind of the Spirit so that we are
        thermostat to regulate thoughts and self-  able to know His will and do it.
        control, helping us to cast our anxiety   May God help us to master our minds
        upon God so that the mind is fixed on God   by allowing Him to be the master of our
        and His Word. The Word of God and the   thoughts.

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