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he psychologist Freud examined   mind between Romans 1 and Romans 8
              the relationship between the mind,   is seismic, and the epicentre is the life-
        Tbrain and body and concluded         changing presence of the Holy Spirit.
        that the mind is separate from the body   Salvation is not only a person changing
        and divided into the conscious (10%),   their mind about God but God changing
        subconscious (50-60%) and unconscious   their mind about themselves. Romans 8:9
        (30-40%). He said, “This works together   is a proof text that we are indwelt by the
        to create our reality.” But “our reality”   Holy Spirit the moment we are saved,
        according to the Word of God is different.  and it is this powershift that sets me free
          We are body, soul and spirit according   from what I was in Adam. No longer
        to Mark 12:30, and Romans 8 goes beyond   am I a slave to sin but in Christ I can
        the dualism of Freud by teaching us two   confidently say, “There is therefore now
        vital truths about the mind: first, what it   no condemnation to them which are in
        means to be “spiritually minded” (8:6)   Christ Jesus” (8:1).  The aftershocks of this
        and, second, what is meant by “the mind   great spiritual earthquake are felt in every
        of the Spirit” (8:27).                ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from
          The change that takes place in the   the KJV unless otherwise noted.

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