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enesis is more than the book of   his days worshipping while leaning on
               beginnings – it’s the book of new   his staff.
        Gbeginnings. Sometimes called the      The climactic biography, Joseph’s near-
        “Seed Plot of the Bible,” we completely   flawless account, illustrates the Pinnacle of
        miss its point if we don’t see that it says   the New Creation – one in whom the Spirit of
        more about the New Creation than it does   God is! Often presented as typical of Christ
        about the old.                       Himself, perhaps Joseph more accurately
          The main truths of the New Creation in   illustrates a spirit-filled life, of which
        Christ are illustrated in Genesis in a series   Christ was the perfect example.
        of engaging biographies. The Holy Spirit   This leaves Abraham, the Bible’s prime
        wastes no time in giving the Promise of New   example of  the pervasive principle of
        Creation in Christ – the fall of the first man,   Pilgrimage and the New Creation – the all-
        Adam, giving perfect occasion to introduce   important truth that those who are in
        the second man, the last Adam, who, as   Christ are ultimately not at home in this
        the Seed of the Woman, would crush the   world.
        serpent’s head.
          The narrative of Noah establishes the   The Patriarch of Faith
        principle of the Power of the New Creation   Abraham is the father of all who believe
        – that God brings life out of death – while   (Rom 4:11; Gal 3:7-8). Although the Jews,
        Isaac, living after the experience of Mount   as Abraham’s physical descendants, held
        Moriah as one whose all had been placed   him as exclusively their national father,
        upon the altar (Rom 12:1), exemplifies the   Paul explains that we are to understand
        Price of the New Creation.           his patriarchy in a spiritual sense. While
          The  story of  Jacob  illustrates  God’s   God has not abandoned the physical seed
        work to deal with  Problems  in  the  New   of Abraham, every believer in Christ is a
        Creation. Reminding us that “whom the   partaker of the spiritual DNA of Abraham
        Lord loveth he chasteneth” (Heb 12:6), the   and an inheritor of the blessings which
        tender hand of God broke the arrogance of   flow on the basis of faith-righteousness
        self-determining Jacob, transforming him   and not works. How exquisitely divine was
        into God-dependent Israel, who finished   the revelation that God’s plan was always

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