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light of a gemstone is greatly enhanced   the very presence of the God of heaven
        by small, natural imperfections of color   came down and  walked  beside  dear
        called inclusions. These apparent scars   Enoch.
        increase the brilliance and richness of   We imagine Enoch taking time each day
        the gemstone’s sparkle. It would seem   to walk and talk with God. Grabbing his
        that the manifold trials of faith, leaving   coat by the door, Enoch leaves home and
        indelible marks on the life of a believer,   begins to walk a two-fold path over wild
        may actually cause them to burn brighter   hills. It wasn’t made by wagon or oxen but
        than those who tread an easier way.   by a man and his God, walking side by
          In a similar fashion, let’s rethink the   side in fellowship. Perhaps they discussed
        character of carat. Bigger doesn’t always   Enoch’s trials. Maybe they remarked on
        mean better, and the true value of a   the beauty of creation or the promise of
        gemstone is not by size, but by weight!   a coming savior for sinners. Whatever
        Formed under more intense, dark pressure,   the topic, Enoch was fully satisfied in
        a smaller stone may have a greater carat   the person of God and God Himself was
        weight than a larger specimen. The crush   pleased to walk with Enoch (Heb 11:5-6).
        of sin and circumstance a fellow believer   Enoch’s faith was obvious to God, but it
        has overcome may not be apparent to you   undoubtedly affected those around him,
        and me. It would be a mistake for anyone   too. What’s his secret? He speaks about
        other than God, who tries the heart and   the Lord coming back in righteousness,
        weighs it in His balance, to judge the faith   but how does he know (Jud 14)? How
        of another by sight and size.         can I have peace like his? Enoch carried
        The Gem of Testimony                  the precious gem of a good testimony in
          Genuine faith in Jesus Christ had a   the world and the light of his faith shined
        remarkable and enviable effect on the   before others.
        believers who received Peter’s letter.   Peter wrote to the faithful and rejoicing
        Knowing and loving the Savior more    believers that they were receiving the goal
        deeply through oppression, they rejoiced   of their faith as it shined each day, even
        with joy unspeakable and full of glory   the salvation of their souls (1Pe 1:9). It was
        (1Pe 1:8). Such faith, though unseen, could   the same with Enoch, who looked forward
        not be hidden – it became a great witness!   thousands of years before Christ. But one
        It was obvious to their neighbors, their   day Enoch “was not there” because God
        government, and even Peter, who wrote   took him (Gen 5:24 HCSB). A southern
        from hundreds of miles away, that these   gospel hymn, “Come Home With Me,”
        Christians walked by faith, not by sight,   playfully suggests that on that day Enoch
        and that they walked in joy!          left home to commune with God by faith,
          What does such deep and genuine     and God simply said, “Come home with
        faith look like? How does it shine? What   me, we’re closer to my place than yours!”
        testimony does it bear? Consider the   While this is certainly not how Enoch
        true faith of Enoch in Hebrews 11, faith’s   was transfigured, the sentiment proves
        greatest chapter. Enoch walked by faith   out that genuine faith will receive its
        with God. He pleased God, and he knew   inheritance and reward, and the very
        God. He didn’t just know about Him, that   object it reflects: the promise of eternal
        there was a faraway God in heaven, but   salvation through Jesus Christ.

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