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“So that the tested genuineness of your   God are enabled to submit to adversity
        faith … may be found to result in praise   and subdue their enemies; they are able
        and glory and honor at the revelation of   to worship acceptably and work for
        Jesus Christ” (1Pe 1:7 ESV). As He does not   God effectively, to live righteously and
        test them to determine their faithfulness   overcome miraculously.
        (Jas 1:13) but to demonstrate it for His   This is what Peter meant when he spoke
        glory,  so  it  is  significant  that  the  real   about the preserving power of faith. Those
        test of Abraham’s faith came in the later   elect through sanctification of the Spirit,
        years of his pilgrimage. While some dear   saved through sprinkling of the blood of
        saints are called upon to endure trials   Jesus Christ (1Pe 1:2), are being secured by
        relatively early in life, most of us are still   the strength of God through faith, waiting
        ill-equipped to bear such burdens in our   for the future inheritance which He has
        youth.                                secured in heaven for them.
          With what confidence the aged pilgrim
        climbed Moriah’s hill, his understanding   The Prospect of Faith
        of the ways of God now honed by         This brings us finally to the ultimate
        experience and sharper than his sheathed
        blade,  his  faith burning  brighter  than   prospect of Abraham’s faith. His onward
        the smouldering firebox in his hand. “I   and upward sojourn of faith was
        and the lad will go yonder … and come   energised by the conviction that he and
        again” (Gen 22:5), he told the servants.   his children would inherit and populate
        When quizzed about the sacrificial lamb,   a city, precisely conceived, permanently
        he said, “God will see” (v8). God had   consolidated and perfectly constructed
        previously seen and preserved his unborn   by the God with whom he, the “Friend of
        son, Ishmael (Gen 16:13), so He would see   God,” walked daily (Heb 11:10; Jas 2:23).
        again and provide for his son Isaac.  Such divinely-begotten confidence is both
          We will “go yonder … and worship,”   unshakeable and unstoppable.
        he said. How his confidence in God      Abraham and his fellow faithful are
        blossomed into the peaceable fruit of   ever present, encircling us as a cloud, at
        righteousness! How the genuineness of his   times witnessing encouragement to go
        faith, tried in the furnace, yielded the pure   on faithfully, at times witnessing reproof
        gold of obedient dependence upon God!   for giving up so easily. They all died, not
        And with what wonder and joy did he see   having received the promises but having
        his expectation miraculously fulfilled as,   seen them afar off; they embraced them,
        figuratively speaking, he received Isaac   moving always on and up towards the
        again from the dead (Heb 11:19).      goal. Though they died in faith, they were
          Abraham headlines in the Hall of    largely ignorant of the massive spiritual
        Fame, where faith is the invincible, albeit   benefits the faithful would inherit through
        invisible, power of those who performed   Christ. How much more ought we, to
        great exploits for God. Faith enables us   whom God has revealed such blessings in
        to  understand the  perplexities  of  the   His Word, not only live as those who are
        past, apprehend the promises of the   not at home in this wilderness, but, like
        future, and contend with the problems   Abraham, as those going home by His
        of the present. By faith the people of   great grace and power.

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