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The Prelude of Praise                government and authority. It is marked by
          Creation has been “in waiting” for a   stability as it was “set [or stood] in heaven”
        long time. There was a moment when the   (4:2); in contrast to the chaos and insecurity
        mighty Creator fashioned the universe   on earth, this throne is evidence that “the
        with beauty, order and majesty, and all   Lord God omnipotent reigns” (19:6). John
        that He made was “very good.” It was the   sees not only a throne but the One on
        occasion when the first song was heard   the throne who is unnamed, but who is
        as “the morning stars sang together, and   clearly God Himself. Around the throne
        all the sons of God shouted for joy” (Job   are twenty-four “seats” or “thrones,” and
        38:7).  But tragedy struck when sin came in   upon those thrones are twenty-four elders,
        and all God’s creation was affected. Since   “sitting, clothed in white raiment; and
        that far-reaching event, creation has been   … on their heads, crowns of gold” (4:4).
        “groaning” and singing in a minor key.   These twenty-four elders represent the
        However, that’s not the ultimate end of the   innumerable company of redeemed saints
        story, as Revelation 5 makes so abundantly   who have been resurrected and raptured
        clear.                               into the very presence of heaven. Their
          Revelation 4 opens for us the third and   white garments reflect their purity and
        major section of the book. The outline of   their priestly character while their crowns
        Revelation is given by Christ Himself as He   of gold describe their spiritual dignity.
        tells John to write “the things which thou   The throne scene also includes four living
        hast seen, and the things which are, and   creatures “full of eyes before and behind”
        the things which shall be hereafter” (1:19).   (4:6). These living creatures represent the
        John has already received the glorious   full authority of God in judgment as they
        vision of Christ Himself as the Alpha and   remind us of God’s power and majesty (the
        Omega and the One whose “eyes were as   lion), His patient endurance (the calf or ox),
        a flame of fire; and his feet like unto fine   His intelligence (the man), and His sight
        brass” (1:11,14,15). Chapters 2-3 unfold   and decisiveness in action (the eagle). But
        the “things which are” – the Church age   before judgment commences, all of heaven
        as portrayed in the seven churches of Asia.   breaks forth into worship and praise at
        That part of the prophecy has concluded   the greatness and majesty of the One on
        and John has been invited to enter heaven   the throne. The living creatures declare
        and to witness firsthand one of the most   His absolute holiness and give glory to
        awesome and moving events in the whole   the God of the ages. Coupled with this,
        history of creation.                 the twenty-four elders fall down before
        The Throne and the Throne-Sitter     the throne and “worship Him that lives
          John’s attention is immediately drawn   forever and ever.” Their crowns are cast
        to a throne and to the One on it. The   before the throne as an act of worship of
        throne captivates the heavenly scene and   the mighty Creator Himself. The theme
        is the sign and symbol of God’s universal   of their worship is God the Creator, with
        ¹ All Scripture references in this article are from   the acknowledgement that God Himself
        the KJV.                             governs the universe and thus is worthy

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