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he Lord Jesus said to a wealthy   the question: “Is God still good, even
              young ruler, “None is good, save   when bad things happen?”
        Tone, that is, God” (Luk 18:19). The    We do read the words “God is good”
        often-used cliché “God is good” is usually   in our English Bible. In Psalm 73:1 Asaph
        used when good things happen to us. In   says,  “Truly  God is  good  to  Israel.”
        fact, many believers limit these words to   Another psalm says, “Good and upright
        times when good things happen to them.   is the Lord” (25:8). “Good” is a word that
        “God was so good and gave me my dream   is better understood than described. It
        job.” “God is good and gave me my health   speaks of moral virtue. Synonyms that
        back.” “God is good and we had a really   come to mind when we think of the word
        good year in the business.” But what is   “good” are pleasant, satisfying, enjoyable,
        said when a sister in the assembly learned   beneficial and useful. It is a word that
        she had a tumor, and when they went to   describes a person, and also a thing. It is
        operate, it was inoperable? What of the   usually used as an adjective but is now
        situation when a brother loses his business   also used informally as an adverb. Instead
        in a financial crisis? What of the parents,   of responding, “I am fine” to the question,
        for years unable to have a baby, who, when   “How are you?” now it is common to hear,
        a child finally comes, are told at its birth   “I’m good.”
        that there is little hope of life? How is God   It is of utmost importance to know
        good when I want my family to serve the   that the character of God is good. God is
        Lord and tragedy tears my family apart? Is   always, only good; nothing but good can
        God only good when good things happen?   come from Him. When we say God is
        The obvious answer is “No.” It does beg   intrinsically good, we mean that it is an

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