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rode his bicycle to work, the truth of John   number of weeks. The brethren teased
        5:24 gave him the assurance of salvation.   us saying they were very hot meetings,
          His growth in spiritual matters was   with 2 Curries every night! When these
        obvious and he was soon baptized and   meetings concluded we drove, in Jim’s
        received to the fellowship of the Parkgate   camper van, from Vancouver to Phoenix,
        Avenue  assembly,  where  he  became   visiting various assemblies en route.
        involved in every aspect of the assembly’s   An illustration of his humility was seen
        work. He heard about Japan from the   in that, when we arrived at Palm Springs
        news bulletins that were plentiful because   and parked the van, he insisted that he
        of World War II. He was deeply impressed   would sleep in the van and I would have
        at a missionary meeting where a report   the bed in the gospel hall. It could be said,
        of the work in Japan was given. Jim was   “Let this mind be in you” (Php 2:5).
        encouraged by brethren such as Mr. Tom   We were together in Japan in 2003
        Hay, Mr. Bobbie Wright and Mr. Leonard   when Jim acted as my interpreter. A good
        Mullan, all of whom had firsthand     interpreter knows where the speaker’s
        knowledge of the work of the Lord in   message is going and what verse is coming
        Japan. He found a book in the Belfast   next. Jim excelled at this. The ministry just
        library on how to speak Japanese and he,
        with a few others, met regularly in Mr.   flowed and was not a hesitant, stop-start
        Mullan’s home for basic language study.   situation. In almost 65 years in Japan he
                                              never stopped learning the language. He
          In 1947 he left N. Ireland for Vancouver   wrote expository books in both English
        where he could get a visa to enter post-war   and Japanese, edited a monthly Japanese
        Japan. When all administration procedures   Christian magazine, and contributed to
        were  complete,  he  left  Vancouver  for
        Japan in 1949. During that 2-year period   the “Glory series” of books published
        he met the girl who was to become his   by Assembly Testimony. He visited Korea,
        beloved wife, Edythe Topping. Jim was   Malaysia,  India,  Egypt,  Zambia,  UK,
        20 years old. Edythe arrived in 1950 and   Europe, USA and Canada. He has left a
        they were married in Tokyo.           rich heritage for a rising generation.
          His life was marked by faithfulness to   In conclusion, we recall Philippians 2:25,
        the Word, fruitfulness in his work and   that could be said of Jim: “my brother, and
        fearlessness in his witness. He was an   companion in labour, and fellowsoldier,
        ardent and accurate student of the Word   but your messenger, and he that ministered
        and an able teacher of divine truth. He was   to my wants” (KJV).  He was in the:
        a man of deep conviction and stood firmly,   Family (“my brother” – Affection), Field
        faithfully, yet graciously, for the whole   (“companion in labor” – Affinity), Fight
        counsel of God. These were qualities that   (“fellowsoldier” – Affliction), Fellowship
        I appreciated when I got to know him as   (“your messenger”– Affiliation).
        a friend in the early 1970s. His speed of   He is survived by his sorrowing wife of
        thought and mental alertness were very   69 years, Edythe; 2 sons, 3 daughters and
        obvious as he conducted Bible Readings,   their spouses; 10 grandchildren; 15 great-
        and these abilities lasted well into his   grandchildren; 3 sisters, one brother and
        eighties. In 2000 we preached the gospel   their spouses; many nieces and nephews,
        together in Carleton, Vancouver, for a   for whom prayer is requested.

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