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r. James (Jim) Burns Currie    Jim had a friend, Tommy Hill, who
                 was born on April 5, 1929, and   lived close by and took Jim to the Parkgate
        Mcalled home on October 5, 2019,      Avenue Gospel Hall Sunday School and
        aged 90. He left school at the age of 12   gospel meeting, where he learned the
        when he and his family were moved to   gospel. After he had been working at
        the country where they would be much   H&W for about one month he heard there
        safer from the bombings. They returned   was a meeting at the lunch break. He
        to Belfast, and when he was around 14   thought it was to select a football [soccer]
        years old, he began to work in the draw-  team, but it was a testimony meeting and
        ing office of Harland & Wolff, the world-  God spoke to him. The following Lord’s
        renowned ship building factory. He had   Day two policemen faithfully preached
        the ability to go onto higher education, but   the gospel in Parkgate. After the meeting
        his family needed another wage to boost   Jim went home, and in his bedroom, he
        their income.                         trusted the Saviour. The next day, as he

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