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t was dark and cold in Jerusalem   Actually accomplishing this, it had to be
            that morning and cold and dark in   recognized, would pose some formidable
        Ithe hearts of the women who made     problems, but anything was better than
        their way to the grave of the Lord Jesus.   sitting with unoccupied hands and
        Their thoughts were occupied by a stone:   occupied minds. Activity might bring
        the large boulder rolled to the mouth of   some sort of solace, and they all agreed
        the tomb and sealed with the authority   that they should try, at least, to anoint the
        of Rome. A greater stone lay upon their   body of the Lord. And so, the supply of
        hearts, and seemed just as impossible   sweet spices had been gathered and the
        to shift. They had seen their Lord and   small band, pale with grief, made its way
        Master betrayed, traduced, tortured and   into the wan light of the dawn.
        sentenced to death. The rulers of His   The obstacles they faced were
        own nation had colluded with the hated   forbidding. A guard had been stationed
        Roman occupiers, and they had – horrible   at the tomb, and the soldiers were unlikely
        and appalling thought – nailed Him to   to be well disposed towards the women
        a cross. And He died. No miracle had
        intruded, no rescue accomplished, and, in   or their mission. But it was the stone, so
        public ignominy, Christ died. The timely,   large, solid, and immovably heavy, that
        if unexpected, intervention of Joseph   most concerned the women. “Who shall
        of Arimathea had saved His body from   roll us away the stone from the door
        consignment to a mass grave, but only   of the sepulchre?” (Mar 16:3 KJV), they
        the most perfunctory obsequies had been   asked one another, but no one had any
        possible before His body had been laid   suggestions to offer. Turning back was
        in the new tomb and the stone rolled into   unthinkable – none of them could bear to
        its place.                            contemplate the dejected journey back,
          All through the Sabbath these devoted   their mission unaccomplished. So on
        women had struggled to make sense     they went.
        of what had taken place. In the fog of   The sun was rising as they neared the
        their grief, one thing stood out as both   tomb, and in the growing light their eyes
        necessary and possible – their Lord’s   sought out their destination. Dimly at
        body must be properly anointed. That,   first they descried it, but as they drew
        at least, was something they could do.   nearer it grew clearer. So total was their

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