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his significant occasion in Luke 2:25-  It is worth noting that the “Consolation
              35 presents a unique “blessing” in   of Israel,” though a common basis for
        Tthe gospel records. We read here    adjuration (swearing of an oath) by pious
        of a man mentioned only once in the   Jews, is distinctly drawn from verses such
        Scriptures, “Simeon in the Temple.” He   as Isaiah 40:1. That verse commences the
        is commonly thought to be an elderly   section of Isaiah that some have called
        man; the phrases “he would not see death   “The Book of Consolation” with the words,
        before” (v26) and “now You are letting   “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people.” In the
        Your servant depart in peace” (v29 NKJV)   LXX translation of the Old Testament, the
        imply that he was advanced in years.   Greek word “comfort” is the root word for
        Regardless, the distinct details recorded   “consolation” found here. The connection
        about Simeon establish the fact that he was   is evident: the “consolation” was the hope
        fittingly used of God this memorable day.  of the coming Messiah.
          Interestingly, the name Simeon means   The numerous references by Luke to
        “hearing” or “harkening.” This suits him   the Holy Spirit portray another worthy
        well, as we note his intimate communion   note. John 14:16 introduces the name
        with  the  Holy  Spirit  and  consequent   “Comforter” in relation to the prospective
        behavior.  Luke  adds  that  he  was  “just   work of the Holy Spirit. This word is
        and devout.” “Just” refers to his standing   related to the verb “to comfort” and shows
        before God, a man made righteous by   us that Simeon was a man enriched by
        faith. “Devout” indicates that his behavior   the person of the Spirit. The comfort he
        was consistent with his standing. He was   received was that he would see the Messiah
        living a life of faith, devoted to his God.   before he died and therefore depart with
        The final phrase of verse 25 marks him   peace. These various details provide
        as one among a remnant people in Israel   insight into the character of a man who was
        that verse 38 defines as “those who looked   prepared to provide a prophetic blessing
        for redemption in Jerusalem.” This man   to Joseph and Mary.
        earnestly looked for the coming Messiah,   Simeon’s communion with the Holy
        but not like many who saw His coming   Spirit led him to the temple on the day that
        primarily as the means of delivering Israel   Joseph and Mary arrived with the child
        from the dominance of Rome. Simeon saw   Jesus. Appropriately, we note that they
        far more than that.                  were there to do what God had required

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