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aithfulness is a moral attribute of   faith. ‘It is not that,’ said Hudson Taylor,
             God, an inherent characteristic   ‘it is the faithfulness of God that matters.
        Fwhich is revealed in Scripture and   When you have no faith in yourself,
        displayed by God’s activity in history.   hold on to His faithfulness.’ God is
        God’s faithfulness means that we can trust   immutable. God is faithful. He will never
        Him implicitly; in any situation we can   change. That is what faith in God really
        fully rely and lean upon Him. We know   means. Whatever may be happening to
        and agree that this is true in theory, but the   you, wherever you are, hold on to the
        reality of God’s faithfulness is not some-  faithfulness of God.” 1
        thing we know how to live by in the chaos   In a way, God’s faithfulness is included
        of our daily lives. Instead, as imperfect   in His attributes of righteousness, justice
        Christians, we look at ourselves and be-  and immutability. It makes sense that these
        come discouraged and wrongly conclude   characteristics of God are interwoven with
        that this attribute of God is for “faithful”   each other as He displays each in fullness.
        believers to experience, not for us.  They all mean that God is unchanging
          As they passed a withered fig tree, our   and constant, yet the Bible reminds us
        Lord gave His disciples a crash course on   repeatedly and specifically that God is
        faith, beginning with these words: “Have   faithful.
        faith in God” (Mar 11:22). However, this   Perhaps what stands out uniquely
        command is really best understood not   about the faithfulness of God is that it
        as a call for us to develop the personal   is the quality that we can cling to when
        quality of faith, but rather to hang onto   difficult circumstances, doubt, or sin
        God’s faithfulness.                   cloud our perception of who God is and
          “The great and saintly Hudson Taylor   our trust in Him falters – “Let us hold
        always said that that should be translated   fast the confession of our hope without
        not so much, ‘Have faith in God,’ as, ‘Hold   wavering, for he who promised is faithful”
        on to the faithfulness of God.’ It became   (Heb 10:23 ESV). It is how God described
        the motto of his life and work. Of course,   Himself to Moses at Sinai (see Exo 34:6)
        that is to have faith in God, but, you see,   ¹ D.M. Lloyd-Jones, God the Father, God the Son,
        if you put it in that way—‘Have faith in   (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Publishers, 1996), 77-
        God’—the emphasis seems to be on your   78.

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