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Solomon recognizes the wonderful fact   from Egypt’s cruel furnace of iron to give
        that the foregoing has practical potential   confidence now that the nation or person
        for the well-being of the nation, as well as   who turns wholly to God in their need will
        responsibility on its part. Solemnly, he now   find a sympathetic ear and a strong hand
        turns with uplifted hands toward heaven   of salvation.
        and offers a paean to the God who stands
        in singular glory above all else. He is a   The End
        promise-keeping, merciful God; He has   In concluding his blessing of the people,
        fulfilled the promise to David as it is this   Solomon rises from kneeling. Now
        day. And Solomon now beseeches God to   standing, he blesses with a loud, confident
        fulfill the further promise that there would   voice, again extolling Jehovah who had
        not fail to be “a man to sit on the throne.”   given rest unto His people according to
        It is one thing to have a house for God to   all that He promised through Moses His
        dwell in, but there must also be men to   servant. Thus Solomon, in reminding
        rule in the fear of God. God is cognizant   them of God’s keeping His promises, has
        of those who walk faithfully before Him,   included  reference  to  Israel’s  greatest
        a God whom neither heaven nor earth can   prophet, Moses, and its greatest potentate,
        contain. Will this God indeed dwell on the   David, under whose guidance the nation
        earth in His people’s presence?      enjoyed its richest times of blessing. With
          There follows now  a seven-pronged   these examples before them, he beseeches
        prayer in which Solomon envisages seven   God not to leave them nor forsake them,
        possible scenarios that could overtake any   and that He may incline their hearts
        or all of the congregation of Israel: if any   to walk in all His ways, keeping His
        trespass against his neighbor; if the nation   commandments (1Ki 8:57-58). They were
        be defeated in war; if no rains come from   responsible to this God who would bring
        heaven; if there is a famine, pestilence,   the promised blessing. There is no reason
        plague or sickness; if a stranger sojourn   for them – nor us – to fail. The result will
        in Israel; if the people go out to battle; and   be that all the people of the earth will know
        the possibility that God could deliver them   that the Lord is God, and that there is none
        into captivity for sin. Should any of these   else (1Ki 8:60).
        things occur, and they pray unto the Lord
        towards (or in) this place, in this city, and in   The rest of the chapter is millennial in
        this house, he pleads with God to hear their   character – an added week of feasting
        prayer when they turn to Him from their   throughout the whole land – and the
        iniquity, and to forgive their sin. In other   people are sent away “unto their tents
        words, when they “call upon the Lord” in   joyful and glad of heart for all the goodness
        whatever distress they find themselves,   that the Lord had done for David his
        would He not be pleased to answer in   servant, and for Israel his people” (1Ki
        peace? Solomon couples the Living God   8:66 KJV).
        with the place of His name, and the    But perhaps  we  can  now  partake  of
        expectation that God can and will answer   Solomon’s blessing by careful and fully
        genuine prayer under any circumstance,   devoted worship and service in those
        for the glory of His name. They are His   places where the Lord has been pleased
        people, and there was historical evidence   to place His name – His own blessed Son
        from the unequalled deliverance of Israel   in the midst.

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