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avid’s  many  wars are  ended;   The Effect
               Solomon reigns in peace. Though
        Dyoung, he has set his heart on        Solomon has been facing the temple and
        obeying God, and espoused his father’s   he is filled with exultation, not now at the
                                             physical splendor of this expensive edifice
        heart’s desire to build the house of God   but at the powerful reality that Israel’s
        according to the design given to David,   Jehovah has just presenced Himself in
        and in the place that God had chosen.   this house. He addresses Him personally,
        The exceeding magnificent structure now   exclaiming, “I have surely built thee an
        stands serene and complete – but yet it is   house to dwell in, a settled place for thee
        empty.                               to abide in for ever” (1Ki 8:13 KJV).

        The Event                            The Eulogy
          It is the 7th month, the time of the last of   Then turning, Solomon blesses all the
        the 7 annual feasts of Jehovah, the Feast of   congregation of Israel who have also
        Tabernacles, depicting rest and abundance,   witnessed this auspicious, unforgettable
        and all the men, at least, are gathered in   sight. Has any other nation ever had the
        Jerusalem. They stand assembled before   privilege Israel had? Surely this matches
        the new temple and watch as the ark of   all that they have heard regarding their
        the covenant of the Lord, with all the   fathers of old – God is still for them, and
        holy vessels, is brought up out of David’s   with them! No doubt expressing what
        temporary tent in Zion and is placed in its   is moving their hearts as well, he says,
        new abode.  The long-used staves are now   “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel” (v15).
                                             No human hand could have brought
        drawn out; the ark has found its resting   this about, nor could it be replicated by
        place. The smoke from untold thousands   sinful man. God’s work is singular. What
        of sacrifices is rising, with accompanying   was promised to David by God is now
        songs of praise, and the priests come out   performed by God. The promised Prince
        of the house of the Lord. They stand in   is on the throne; the Propitiatory is in its
        silent awesome splendor as the long-  proper place – nothing but the Law (the
        unseen cloud of the glory of God now   basis of the administration of the kingdom)
        fills the house. The priests cannot minister   is in it; the Shekinah glory is seen in their
        because of it.                       midst. Truly they are a blessed people.

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