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Deuteronomy: “The LORD did not set his   his love for us in that while we were still
        love upon you, nor choose you, because   sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom 5:8 ESV).
        ye were more in number than any people;   Calvary-love is the greatest of loves. All
        for ye were the fewest of all people: But   that He did was out of love to His Father
        because the LORD loved [ahăbâh] you …”   who sent Him. Everything He did was for
        (Deu 7:7-8 KJV). It was not love that was   the Father. Every last pang of suffering
        merited or earned but rather a love that   was endured in absolute devotion to
        originated from God’s own character: He   Him (Joh 17:4). His love was and is well
        loves because He loves. It is not a duty   rounded and all-encompassing. He loved
        but a genuine affection and feeling that   His own who were with Him (Joh 13:1).
        God experiences. Hosea compared God’s   He loved His family and specifically
        love for His people to a husband’s love   His mother. We see this so touchingly
        for his wife. But God’s love is not just a   demonstrated at the cross (Joh 19:26-27).
        feeling; it is an action, something that   He loved His enemies as they nailed His
        He  consciously  chooses  to  do.  Moses   hands and feet to the cross (Luk 23:34).
        explained in Deuteronomy 4:37, “Because   After 2,000 years, His love is still real and
        He loved your ancestors, he chose to   vibrant; we join with the apostle Paul to
        bless their descendants” (NLT). Even   say, “The Son of God … loved me, and
        through their failure, departure, idolatry,   gave himself for me” (Gal 2:20 KJV).
        immorality and wickedness, He loved
        them and pledged to be their God and   ETERNAL LOVE – A love that
        care for them to the end.             will never end
          In the NT, the love of God is most often   Not  only  does  His  love  have  no
        described by the Greek word agape. This   beginning, it will have no end. It is the
        word means choosing to love for the   reality of an undying, unfailing love that
        benefit of the recipient and loving without   enables us to live in fullness. When we
        expecting anything in return, especially   walk through the fires of affliction, His
        in situations where there is no ability for   love will be present. When we face the
        return payment. The life of the Lord Jesus   problems and perplexities of life, His
        is the perfect demonstration of how this   love will surround us. When we face
        love was displayed. He didn’t just say He   our fiercest foes, His love will carry us
        loved – He did it! He touched and healed   through. When things are well and life is
        the leper. He went out of His way for the   good, His love will be our strength. When
        needy. He sat and listened to sinners. He   our friends have gone and loneliness starts
        washed the feet of complaining disciples.   to creep in, His love will comfort us. When
        He made God’s love visible.           we reach the end of life, His love will carry
        EXHAUSTLESS LOVE – A closer           us through into the realms of His presence.
                                                Going back to my initial analogy, we
        look at Calvary                       have only gotten our feet wet in this ocean
          The whole life of Jesus demonstrated the   of truth, but thankfully we will have the
        reality of His love, but there is no place or   rest of our lives and all eternity to explore
        time where His love shone forth in such   the full depths of divine love. May our
        unbridled beauty than during the horrific   lives be anchored by this truth and our
        sufferings of the cross: “But God shows   hearts warmed to worship.

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