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very page of God’s Word is bursting   opportune point in His eternal existence.
              with His love. The story of God is   He was always and ever the one true
        Ethe story of His love. Without it    God of love. Is it explainable? No. Is it
        there would be no story. There would be   understandable? No. It must be accepted
        no history. There would be no future. We   by faith alone.
        exist only because – God is love!       God’s love is perfectly and eternally
          How can we explain it? How can we   founded and functional within the
        describe its fullness? Impossible! There is   boundaries of His own person. He is
        no way and the vastness of eternity will   self-sufficient and needs nothing outside
        not suffice. Our minds can only grasp   Himself to fill empty or lonely spaces. We
        a glimpse, like Moses seeing the hinder   try to understand this functioning love as
        parts of God on the mount. Here we are,   we consider the truth of the trinity: love
        in all our sin and filthy rags trying to grasp   between the Father, the Spirit and the
        the greatness of Almighty love – a love   Son. In speaking to His Father, Jesus said,
        too vast, too infinite, too measureless, too   “You loved me before the foundation of
        large, too deep, too high, too wide and too   the world” (Joh 17:24 ESV).
        great for human minds to comprehend
        (Eph 3:18).                           EXPRESSIVE LOVE – A love
          Like a child playing on the edge of   revealed through ages past
        the vast Atlantic, we touch our toes of   God didn’t need to create us in order to
        understanding into the depths of divine   make Himself more fulfilled. He had all
        existence and seek with our limited   He needed, but the platform of creation
        capacity to grasp an inexhaustible God.   and humanity was perfect for Him to
        But as we allow its truth to fill us and wash   reveal all His divine attributes. Whether
        over us, we become securely grounded,   in creation itself, in the choosing of the
        anchored in our faith (Eph 3:17).     nation of Israel, in sending His Son as a

        EVER-EXISTENT LOVE – A love           descendant of Abraham, or in the building
                                              of the church, all were a part of His plan
        that never had a beginning            in showing the greatness of who He is.
          The  Bible  tells  us  that  God  had  no   The Hebrew word ahăbâh (pronounced
        beginning (Psa 90). It also tells us that He   “ahavah”) is a commonly used word for
        is love (1Jn 4). His love therefore had no   love in the OT. It is a broad word that
        beginning. It is His nature. He did not   could mean sexual love, or a friend’s
        learn to love. It did not grow with time   love, or a child’s love, or a nation’s love
        or eternity. He did not come by it at some   for its leader. It is the word used in

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