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ny  discussion or  consideration  dustbin of history, have anything better to
               about the source of life and the  offer us as to the meaning of life?
        Avalue of a human life inevitably      Allow me to digress for just a few
        leads to the issue of the meaning of life.   paragraphs. The great theme of redemption
        Given our worldview, we maintain that   runs throughout our Bible, from the well-
        life is from God, and that fact alone invests   known story of redemption in Egypt on
        every human being with value. But how   the Passover night all the way through its
        does that translate into imbuing life with   final pages, when we hear the song raised
        meaning?                             to the Lamb: “Thou hast redeemed us to
          The prevailing thinking concerning the  God by Thy blood” (Rev 5:9).
        source of life, from the towers of academia   Paul, in his great passage in Titus 2:14,
        down to the towns and cities in which  tells us that Christ came to “redeem us
        we live, as expressed by Peter Singer, is   from all iniquity.” Here, he stresses the
        that “We can assume that somehow in   redemption from evil and its vices. In
        the primeval soup we got collections of  Galatians, it is the edict or verdict of our
        molecules that became self-replicating;   guilt which redemption has removed. In
        and I don’t think we need any miraculous  Colossians 1:14, redemption has freed
        or mysterious [explanation].” 1      us from the enslavement that bound us.
          This worldview collides headlong  These are some of the wonderful fruits of
        with the biblical worldview of the divine  redemption: it has delivered us from vice,
        origin of life. It is little wonder, then, that  a verdict of guilt, and from being vassals
        the meaning of life, or perhaps more  to sin and Satan.
        accurately, the meaninglessness of life, was   Peter, however, adds another aspect of
        summarized by one of militant atheism’s  redemption germane to our consideration.
        most vocal adherents, Quentin  Smith:  He writes that we are redeemed, not “with
        “The fact of the matter is that the most  corruptible things, as silver and gold,
        reasonable belief is that we came from  from your vain conversation received by
        nothing, by nothing, and for nothing … We  tradition from your fathers” (1Pe 1:18
        should … acknowledge our foundation in  KJV). It is not only redemption from the
        nothingness and feel awe at the marvelous  vices that marked our former life, the
        fact that we have a chance to participate  verdict of guilt attached to that life, nor
        briefly in this incredible sunburst that   the vassal state that imprisoned us; we
        interrupts without reason the reign of   have been redeemed from the vanity of
        non-being.” 2                        life – its emptiness. Redemption has made
           But does Christianity have anything   life worth living!
        better to offer than “feeling awe” that   Redemption – A Motive to Empower
        we are part of this interruption of “non-
        being”? Does the Bible, that ancient tome,   The appreciation of grace and its
        reduced by society to the level of folk tales,   resultant  love  which  has  been  shed
        myths and legends, or relegated to the   abroad in our hearts (Rom 5:5) is now
                                             the motivating power for our lives. On a
        ¹ “Is There a God,” Melbourne, Australia, 20 July   human level, we often seek to manipulate,
        ² Smith, Quentin. “The Metaphilosophy of   even our loved ones, with guilt. God, in
        Naturalism.” Philo 4.2 (2000).       contrast, always motivates by grace. Our

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