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blessings will be forgiveness. Their long   the Law’s function as a “schoolmaster”
        history of rebellion will be expunged from   was only “up to Christ” (Gal 3:24 JND),
        the divine memory, never to be dredged   “until Christ came” (ESV); when He came,
        up to condemn them; “I will remember   it became redundant. By contrast, the new
        their sin no more” (v34).             covenant is an “everlasting covenant”

        The Blood of the Covenant             (Heb 13:20), an echo from Ezekiel when
                                              highlighting the permanent blessing
          When the old covenant was established,   vouchsafed to repentant Israel (Eze 37:26).
        it was attended by the blood of sacrifice
        (Exo 24:4-8), “dedicated” with blood (Heb   The Beneficiaries of the Covenant
        9:18). Similarly, the new covenant will   We have emphasized that Jeremiah
        be ratified on the basis of shed blood.   indicated that the covenant will be made
        That blood endorses the agreement and   with Israel and Judah, so its beneficiaries
        provides a sound foundation whereby   will be a future repentant Israel. However,
        its blessings will be imparted righteously,   it seems that the spiritual blessings that
        without violating divine justice.     are promised are the present experience
          In instituting the Lord’s Supper,   of believers of the Church age. Paul
        the Savior linked the shedding of His   described himself as a “minister(s) of the
        blood with the new covenant. The cup   new testament” (2Co 3:6), a statement
        symbolized  “my  blood  of  the  new   that became a launching pad for his
        testament (covenant), which is shed for   developing the subject of his responsibility
        many for the remission of sins” (Mat   to communicate the gospel, a theme which
        26:28  KJV). He thus indicated that by   extends through multiple chapters.
        shedding His blood He was providing     The four major provisions of the
        the blood of sacrifice that would authorize   covenant are in evidence in these chapters.
        the covenant, while at the same time   Those who believe the gospel have power
        legitimizing its provisions such as the   for living; they have “liberty” (3:17), for
        forgiveness of sins.                  God is working in their lives and has given
          He is said to be “the mediator of the   them His Spirit (5:5). Second, they are now
        new testament,” the One through whom   God’s people: “I will be their God, and
        its beneficiaries “receive the promise of   they shall be my people” (6:16 KJV). Then,
        eternal inheritance” (Heb 9:15), “a death   they know the Lord, for they have been
        having taken place” (RV) making this   given “the light of the knowledge of the
        possible.                             glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ”
          The covenant of which He is the     (4:6 KJV). Finally, they have experienced
        mediator is “a better covenant” (Heb 8:6).   forgiveness, for having been reconciled,
        The old covenant was not “faultless” (v7);   God  does  not  impute  their  trespasses
        as noted, it gave no power to perform.   (5:19).
        The new covenant is “better,” for it “was   The foregoing does not infer that all the
        established upon better promises” (v6), so   promises to Israel have been transferred to
        its promised blessings are unconditional   the Church, but the fact is that on the basis
        and more extensive.                   of the blood of the covenant, the blessings
          The first covenant would “vanish away”   to be enjoyed by the repentant nation in
        (Heb 8:13). It would become obsolete, for   the future are made good to us now.

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