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Introduction                          “out of Sion” intervenes (v26), and the
          The foundation passage for our      new covenant will come into play, as He
        consideration  is Jeremiah  31:31-34.   “turns away ungodliness from Jacob,” and
        Clearly, the new covenant is a promise   “takes away their sins,” “my covenant
        of future blessing for a united Israel; it   unto them” (v27). The covenant will be
        will be made “with the house of Israel,   implemented at the Lord’s second advent.
        and with the house of Judah” (v31 KJV).   The Provisions of the Covenant
        Just as surely as the covenant of the Law   In the immediate context of Jeremiah
        had been established with “their fathers,”   31, new covenant blessings are as
        so this new covenant will apply to their   follows. First, God’s law will be placed
        descendants. The first covenant was a   in their inward parts and written in
        bilateral arrangement that necessitated   their hearts. The inference is that during
        their obedience, an obedience that was not   the millennium the demands of the
        forthcoming, for, says the Lord, “which   Decalogue will still be in force, but God
        my covenant they brake” (v32). This new   will gratuitously provide the power to
        covenant is a unilateral commitment by   perform. That is where the old covenant
        God to bless.                         fell short; it was “weak through the flesh”
          An important fact emerges from the   (Rom 8:3). In itself, the Law was “good”
        passage – surface truth, but in need of   (1Ti 1:8), but its deficiency lay in the fact
        stressing. There will be a literal united   that sinful flesh would not and could not
        kingdom of Israel and Judah. The nation   meet its demands (Rom 8:7). The new
        that was fractured in Rehoboam’s reign   covenant will remedy that for Israel; when
        will be unified and administered by   regenerated, the people at last will be
        Christ. He promised His apostles that   energized to implement the pledge they
        they would “sit upon twelve thrones,   made when given the old covenant: “All
        judging the twelve tribes of Israel” (Mat   that the LORD hath said will we do, and
        19:28). There is as much likelihood of stars   be obedient” (Exo 24:7 KJV).
        withholding their light, or tidal patterns   Second, they will experience the dignity
        being disrupted, as there is of Israel   of being acknowledged universally as
        “ceas(ing) from being a nation.” There   God’s special people; I “will be their God,
        is as much possibility of measuring the   and they shall be my people” (Jer 31:33).
        universe as there is of “the seed of Israel”   The label of their idolatrous days, “Lo-
        being “cast off” (Jer 31:35-37). It will never   ammi,” “not my people,” will be removed
        happen, and with that united kingdom   (Hos 1:9).
        God will establish this new covenant.   Third, they will relish the sweetness of
        The Timing of the Covenant            intimate relationship with Him. No one
          Israel is presently sidelined as God takes   will have to teach them how to maximize
        out of the nations “a people for his name”   the enjoyment of their links with Him, “for
        (Act 15:14), but their present blindness   they shall all know me, from the least of
        is neither total nor permanent. It is “in   them unto the greatest of them” (Jer 31:34
        part,” “until the fulness of the Gentiles be   KJV). Perpetual fellowship with God will
        come in” (Rom 11:25). National salvation   be normal.
        will be experienced when “the Deliverer”   Fourth, not least in their bundle of

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