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e was an amazing Man. For  blown.  But  one  day  He  amazed  them
               three years the  disciples  had  with a message so brutally simple and so
        Hlived with Him, travelled with  incomprehensibly awful that their minds
        Him, and worked with Him. In those  revolted from it: “He began to teach them,
        years they had come to know Him well;  that the Son of man must suffer many
        yet none of them would ever claim that  things, and be rejected of the elders, and of
        they really understood Him. His face and  the chief priests, and scribes, and be killed,
        His voice had become so familiar, His  and after three days rise again” (Mar 8:31
        kindness  and wisdom  so accustomed,  KJV). So appalling was the idea that Peter
        yet the disciples never felt that they had  did something that in other circumstances
        “got” Him. They were always conscious  would have been unthinkable – he began
        – sometimes vaguely, sometimes acutely  to rebuke the Lord (v32). As a result, he
        – of the vast and unseen hinterlands of   was himself rebuked in the strongest
        His  personality,  the distinctiveness  of  terms: “Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou
        His motives, thoughts and reactions.  savourest not the things that be of God, but
        And so, though they knew Him well,  the things that be of men” (v33 KJV).
        He never ceased to surprise them. Again   Peter’s response is not difficult to
        and again, he forced them to re-evaluate   understand. Incomprehension and anger
        and reconsider their understanding and   often go together, and his ill-advised words
        appreciation of their Lord and Master.  were the symptom of a mind trying to
          He was an amazing Man. Again and  think the unthinkable. Surely it could not
        again He did things that men just could  be that One so special, so loving and so
        not do. He made blind men see, deaf men  lovely, so powerful and so perfect would
        hear, and lame men walk. Death, and even  pass through the catalog of horror that the
        decomposition, posed no problem for His  Savior had so concisely outlined.
        power. Demons fled at His command and   A little over a week later, the Savior
        nature moved in docile obedience to His   reiterated the message: “He taught his
        Word.                                disciples, and said unto them, The Son of
          He was an amazing Man. He spoke with   man is delivered into the hands of men,
        authority and power. There was nothing   and they shall kill him; and after that he
        hackneyed and nothing stale about His  is killed, he shall rise the third day” (Mar
        words, nothing tentative or faltering about   9:31 KJV). Once again, incomprehension
        the way He spoke them. The disciples   produced emotion – not anger this time,
        had heard Him speak astringent words of   but fear: “they understood not that saying,
        rebuke and mollifying words of comfort.   and were afraid to ask him” (v32 KJV). So
        His words were clear but never crude, with   radical was their failure to understand this
        a directness utterly devoid of guile and  further revelation of the sufferings that lay
        always full of grace.                ahead for their Lord that they spent the rest
          He was an amazing Man, and every  of the walk to Capernaum disputing “who
        day and every circumstance seemed to  should be the greatest” (v34). Peter, James
        reveal some new wonder. His disciples  and John had told them of their experience
        had become used to having their minds  on the mountain and had described how

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