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“       hat as sin hath reigned unto death,   and death (both physical and spiritual). It
              even so might grace reign through   is through this conquest that God’s grace
        Trighteousness unto eternal life by   reigns like a monarch.
        Jesus Christ our Lord” (Rom 5:21 KJV).  To grasp the wonder of reigning grace,
          Our subject verse concludes a section   we must consider sin’s reigning power,
        that began at Romans 5:12, in which the   because the Spirit of God uses a simile
        works of two men (Adam and Christ)    – “as sin hath  … so  might  grace  ...”
        are contrasted. On one hand, we have   (5:21). Apart from metaphors, a simile is
        the condemnation and death of sinners   perhaps the most common literary form
        by the offence and ruin of Adam. On   used throughout the Bible to explain one
        the other, we have the justification and   thing by another (e.g., Pro 10:26; Joh 3:14;
        life of believers by the obedience and   Jas 2:26).
        righteousness of Christ.                From Romans 1:19-3:20, the Holy Spirit
          The key to understanding this contrast   leaves us with no doubt as to the reigning
        is to see a contest between subjects that   power and destructive influence of sin
        reign – between “death” (5:14,17a) and   upon the entire course of mankind. Every
        believers who receive the “abundance   class of humanity is reviewed in three
        of grace and of the gift of righteousness”   categories: perverted pagans (1:19-32),
        (5:17b); between “sin” (5:21a) and “grace”   moralist hypocrites (2:1-16) and privileged
        (5:21b). Our union with Adam bound us   Hebrews (2:17-3:8). Evidence from every
        captive to the universal reign of sin and   generation is brought before the court
        death. Our union with Christ not only   of heaven and examined by the “Judge
        liberates us from sin’s captivating power   of all the earth.” Every thought, word
        but sees us as conquerors who enjoy the   and deed is assessed. The indictment is
        continuous and abundant overflow of   “there is none righteous, no, not one”
        God’s immeasurable grace. The purpose   (3:10). The minds, motives, methods,
        of the contrast, therefore, is to show that   movements and mouths of all mankind
        believers, once justified and “reconciled to   are marred by sin (3:11-18). None has
        God by the death of his Son” (5:10), enter   been, nor is, able to stand innocent. As the
        into the “super abounding” blessings of   Lord once said through Isaiah, “From the
        our Lord Jesus Christ’s conquest over sin   sole of the foot even unto the head there

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