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f you were to think about the most   that day was Jesus Christ pre-incarnate. Yet
            gracious person you know, a smile   we are able to view grace embodied, and
        Imay come across your face as you scan   grace upon grace – inexhaustible grace, in
        the recesses of your memory to consider   the face of the Lord Jesus as we view the
        favour that you have received. Next, if   truth that the eternal God has become a
        you were to search your mind for the ways   man. “Though he was rich, yet for your
        that God has bestowed grace on you, you   sakes he became poor” (2Co 8:9 KJV).
        will find that the grace from mankind is   Words of Grace (Luke 4:18-27)
        only a strand of light compared to the   The Lord Jesus is the perfect example
        blazing illumination of God’s grace. The   of what it  means to “let your speech
        foundation of grace toward mankind from   always be gracious, seasoned with salt”
        eternity is the grace embodied in the Lord   (Col 4:6 NET). He spoke gracious words
        Jesus. We can observe this by parachuting   to the thief on the cross, to Zacchaeus,
        into recorded instances of the life of the   and to many others. Yet perhaps His most
        Lord Jesus.                          gracious words were spoken in one of His
        Incarnation of Grace (John 1:14,16-18)  first public messages in the synagogue He
          There are only a handful of references   grew up attending. He unrolled the scroll
        to grace specifically in the gospels, the   of Isaiah to what is our 61  chapter and
        majority clustering at the end of John’s   began to read, “The Spirit of the LORD is
        prologue to his gospel. These verses help   upon me” (Luk 4:18). He followed up by
        us to observe that this grace of God was   announcing, “This day is this scripture
        embodied in the person of Jesus Christ   fulfilled in your ears” (v21). Luke records
        at incarnation. John says, “we beheld his   that “all bare him witness, and wondered
        glory …  full of grace and truth.” As John   at the gracious words which proceeded out
        pens his gospel, he may be thinking about   of his mouth” (v22 KJV).
        how the glory that was seen in the person   They were gracious words because
        and life of Christ was asked to be viewed   He was announcing to the people His
        by Moses: “Shew me thy glory.” The LORD   Messiahship.  They  were  words  being
        replied,  “I  will  make  all  my  goodness   spoken, not in Jerusalem but in Galilee of
        pass before thee … and will be gracious   the Gentiles. They were words from Isaiah,
        to whom I will be gracious” (Exo 33:18-19   which He ended abruptly mid-sentence,
        KJV). The back of the One that Moses saw   just before “and the day of vengeance of

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