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authority and have incurred His wrath   1:12).  What  a  privileged  time  we  live
        and judgment.                         in (Mat 13:17)! The prophets carefully
          But grace had planned for this! A Lamb   investigated these things. They longed
        was “foreknown before the foundation of   for them to take place in their lifetimes,
        the world” (1:20). God’s only begotten Son   but the Spirit showed them that they were
        would bear “our sins in his body on the   serving us instead. The same Spirit who
        tree” (2:24); the Christ would suffer “once   carried them along to write such things
        for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous,   had descended at Pentecost to empower
        that he might bring us to God” (3:18). The   the announcement of the fulfillment of
        grace of God is God giving Himself.   these things, things that even angels long
          Thus Isaiah could prophesy: “It was   to  look  into.  Because  Christ  endured
        the will of the Lord to crush him” (Isa   the sufferings planned for Him, we are
        53:10). But praise God that’s not all Isaiah   receiving the grace that was planned for
        prophesied. Because of the sufferings   us, grace that was never intended for
        would come the glories: “Behold, my   angels. Grace’s timeline makes exiles more
        servant shall act wisely; he shall be high   privileged than prophets and angels.
        and lifted up, and shall be exalted” (52:13).   Pining for Future Grace (1:13)
        When  the  prophets  predicted  Christ’s
        sufferings and the glories, they were   Yes, grace makes a person scratch his
        prophesying about the grace to be ours.  head and think. By preparing our minds
                                              for action, and being sober-minded,
        Proclaimed (1:12)                     we are to set our “hope fully on the
          We  fly  on  to  Peter’s  third  stop  on   grace that will be brought to [us] at the
        the timeline, conscious that we are   revelation of Jesus Christ” (1:13). God’s
        passing over that majestic event called the   grace does not terminate in history; its
        appearing of God’s grace (Titus 2:11). We   timeline begins before time and stretches
        are now at our current moment in history:   forward eternally. We get to anticipate
        the preaching of God’s grace.         all of God’s future grace: a living hope, a
          Peter writes of “the things that have   secure inheritance, a salvation ready to be
        now been announced  to  you  through   revealed, and praise and glory and honor
        those who preached the good news      at the revelation of Jesus Christ (1:3-7).
        to you” (1:12). These “things” are the
        sufferings of Christ and the subsequent   The Grace Parade
        glories of 1:11, which are, in turn, the   Jumping over to Paul, we can add one
        content of the grace that was prophesied   more mark to Peter’s timeline of grace.
        to be ours in the OT. The preaching of the   God’s purpose in bestowing such grace
        gospel is the announcement of the death   upon us is so that in the endless ages He
        and resurrection of Christ in fulfillment of   can showcase its riches (Eph 2:7). The
        the Scriptures and the offer of the salvation   brightest display of His glory is when
        Christ has thereby procured (1Co 15:3-8).   He moves in grace (Eph 1:3-14; Exo
        No wonder Paul calls it “the gospel of the   33:17-34:8). We will be in God’s future
        grace of God” (Acts 20:24,32).        grace parade. The angels will watch with
          The preaching of this grace is empowered   wonder from the sidelines. Creation itself
        by the Holy Spirit “sent from heaven” (1Pe   longs for that day (Rom 8:19).

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