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xalted above his subjects, the one  how  to  direct  a  straying  child.  We  are
              who fills a throne sits in a position of  spouses fruitlessly trying to reinvigorate a
        Epower. His throne is a symbol of his  marriage that is wilting. We are sufferers,
        might – and down through the ages, many  weary of the daily burden of physical
        have shamelessly abused the sovereign   pain. We enter the throne room as people
        authority invested in their thrones in   of faith, yet due to our many trials, we are
        heartless, self-serving domination. The   weak and needy.
        people have gone hungry while the throne
        sitter has gorged himself. The people have  Inside the Throne Room
        struggled as serfs, labouring to scrounge   There we find our great high priest,
        together an existence, while the throne   Jesus the Son of God. He has passed
        sitter has lived in the lap of luxury. The   through the heavens and sits in a realm
        people have approached his throne    beyond trials – but He was once here and
        cowering, fearful of an outburst of anger,   knows exactly what it’s like. Ostracization,
        while the throne sitter gleefully prides   physical weakness, unrequited affection –
        himself in his ability to invoke trepidation   He felt these and much more. His human
        in his subjects. But praise God it is not so   experience was real, and that is why
        at the throne of grace.              weary pilgrims in this wilderness of the
        The Entrants to the Throne           world can find genuine sympathy in the
                                             throne room of heaven. There is a risen
        Room                                 man in the glory who has been “tempted
          “We” are the ones who draw near to  as  we  are”  (v15).  “Because  he  himself
        this throne of grace. Not seraphim or  has suffered when tempted, he is able to
        cherubim, not the independently wealthy  help those who are being tempted” (Heb
        or the arrogant living at ease, but six times  2:18  ESV). The Son of God intimately
        in three verses (Heb 4:14-16), we have the  understands our circumstances, because
        words “we” or “us.” We feel our weakness  the Jesus inside the throne room is the
        and are overwhelmed in our need. We are  Jesus who walked a path like ours here
        students struggling with being different  on earth. He walked it differently than us,
        from our peers. We are parents wondering  mind you. He experienced real human life,

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