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KJV). His immediate successor would be   are inappropriate, because it was another
        responsible for building the temple (v13),   of God’s unconditional agreements
        and God would treat him as a son, which   without any “terms” to be fulfilled either
        would involve discipline if necessary.   by the nation or individuals within it. The
        However, the experience of being deposed   word “provisions” is more fitting. In his
        from the kingdom as Saul was would    celebrated treatment of prophetic themes,
        never be replicated (vv14-15). In fact, the   Things  to  Come, J. Dwight Pentecost
        throne would never depart from the line   quotes John Walvoord as he summarized
        of David (v16).                       the provisions of the Davidic Covenant
        Threats                               (pp101-102):
          After the nation was divided, there   “The provisions of the Davidic covenant
        was never an established dynasty in the   include, then, the following items: (1)
        northern kingdom; perpetual military   David is to have a child, yet to be born,
        coups resulted in power being transferred   who shall succeed him and establish his
        from  kings  to generals.  Things were   kingdom. (2) This son (Solomon) shall
        different in the south. The Covenant with   build the temple instead of David. (3) The
        David held, and the throne of Judah was   throne of his kingdom shall be established
        constantly occupied by his descendants.   forever. (4) The throne shall not be taken
        The one exception was when Athaliah   away from him (Solomon) even though
        “arose and destroyed all the seed royal”   his sins justify chastisement. (5) David’s
        (2Ki 11:1), and for seven years she headed   house, throne, and kingdom shall be
        a menacing administration. The baby
        Joash was rescued from the carnage,   established forever.”
        and although David’s dynasty hung by    Some of these provisions had
        a thread, it held, for God’s purposes can   their fulfillment historically, but full
        never be thwarted; He will always fulfill   implementation of the covenant awaits
        His word.                             the future, when the Lord Jesus takes
          At the Babylonian captivity the dynasty   the throne. Key words in 2 Samuel
        seemed to go into oblivion, and David’s   7:16 relating to this future aspect of
        throne has never been occupied since.   the covenant are as follows: “House” –
        Yet  God  knew  exactly  who  David’s   He is “of the seed of David” (2Ti 2:8);
        descendants were – unremarkable people   “Kingdom” – there will be a people over
        living in obscurity, but all named in the   whom He will reign; “Throne” – He will
        Messiah’s genealogy. The last of them was   exercise sovereign and absolute authority
        just a carpenter at Nazareth, but known   (Psa 72:8); “For ever” – Isaiah sums it up,
        in heaven as “Joseph, thou son of David”   “Of the increase of his government and
        (Mat 1:20). The dynasty was like a tree   peace there shall be no end, upon the
        cut down to the roots, and yet a strong,   throne of David, and upon his kingdom …
        vigorous Branch would shoot from these   for ever” (9:7 KJV). Jeremiah corroborates
        roots (Isa 11:1). The Davidic Covenant   when prophesying that the Lord will raise
        will be fully implemented when Messiah   to David “a righteous Branch” who will
        reigns.                               administer wisely and justly, and who is
        Provisions                            identified as Jehovah Tsidkenu; David’s
          The words “the terms of the covenant”   son is David’s Lord (Jer 23:5-6; Psa 110:1).

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