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he Aaronic blessing in Numbers   His grace and we, as His children, have all
              6:22-27 is often called a benediction   our needs met.
        Tand is considered to be the           Consider how our Father blesses us in
        bestowing of God’s blessing. This blessing   Ephesians 1. First, He calls us holy and
        from the Lord is upon the nation of Israel,   blameless; then He adopts us into the
        but we can learn from the NT that this   family of God and calls us children. We
        benediction given to Israel is applicable to   are accepted in the beloved, redeemed
        us today. This benediction can be divided   and forgiven through the blood of Christ.
        into three promises.                 We know the mystery of His will, have an
        The Father’s Blessing with Protection  eternal inheritance and are sealed with the
          The first promise is the Father’s blessing   Holy Spirit. We can conclude by saying,
        with protection: “The LORD bless you and   “Thanks be to God for his inexpressible
        keep you” (Num 6:24). The word “bless”   gift!” (2Co 9:15).
        really means “to speak well of,” so the    This blessing came with protection for
        simple statement “The Lord bless you”   Israel by placing a hedge about the nation.
        carries the truth of God speaking well of   This same truth is confirmed to us: “But the
        you. Blessings were bestowed upon sons   Lord is faithful. He will establish you and
        by fathers, as did Isaac and Jacob with   guard you against the evil one” (2Th 3:3
        their sons. When fathers blessed sons,   ESV). God has guaranteed us security in
        they divided a portion of their goods to   Him to the end of life and through eternity.
        their sons and were, in essence, saying,   We will not be overcome by the enemy
        “I delight in you and I will help you   because God, who is greater, has blessed
        achieve my blessing through my gifts.”   us, and protects us.
        As children desire their fathers to find   The Lord’s Desire for Closeness
        delight in them, God knows we wish the
        same. “Blessed be the God and Father of   through His Grace
        our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us   Next is the promise of the Lord desiring
        in Christ with every spiritual blessing in   closeness through His grace: “The LORD
        the heavenly places” (Eph 1:3 ESV). Our   make his face to shine upon you and be
        Father has bestowed on us the richness of   gracious to you” (Num 6:25 ESV). The

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