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their pathway would be assured, that   Zebulun was called upon to rejoice in his
        their power would be adequate for any   going out, whereas Issachar was described
        challenge, and that they would know   as dwelling in tents. Together they would
        divine protection in the midst of their   announce blessing upon the people who
        enemies.                              would gather “unto the mountain” where
          Levi (vv8-10) – Levites had priestly   sacrifices would be offered. The bounties
        responsibilities in guiding God’s people   of sea and land would be enjoyed.
        according to His revealed will. The two   Gad (vv20-21) – This blessing may be
        special stones, Urim and Thummim,     difficult to interpret precisely, but the
        assisted in making decisions. The Levites   Gadites would be enlarged. The majestic
        taught the Law and offered sacrifices   power of a lion would be theirs, and they
        on behalf of the nation (v10), but they,   would execute rule and justice among the
        like everyone else,                                 people in accordance
        also needed the Lord’s  Whereas the song had        with divine standards.
        protection.                                           Dan (v22) – If Gad was
          Benjamin  (v12)  –    spoken much of the          like a lion, then Dan was
        The descendants of                                  as a lion cub, lesser in
        Jacob’s youngest son   nation’s past failings,      power but with the same
        were tenderly referred                              nature. Bashan became
        to as “the beloved of     Moses was now             part of their territory.
        the Lord,” and were                                 If necessary, they could
        promised unfailing     focusing on its future       spring into action from
        divine shelter  and                                 there.
        protection “all the day                               Naphtali (v23) – This
        long.”                        blessings.            lovely blessing was
          Joseph (vv13-17) –                                described as being
        The many blessings conferred upon his   satisfying and fulsome. The tribe’s
        descendants related to the prosperity   designated territory would be to the west
        and fruitfulness  of the land, sky  and   and the south.
        sea. Joseph had been separated from his   Asher (vv24-25) – Moses’ desire for
        brethren, but his suffering led to glory. He   the Asherites was for fertility as to their
        was the heir to many “precious things” of   offspring, acceptability in regard to their
        a material kind, but also spiritual blessing,   brethren, prosperity as to their land, and
        described as “the good will of Him that   strength as to their security.
        dwelt in the bush” (v16). Moses could
        never forget his own desert encounter   DIVINE SECURITY (vv26-29)
        many years before, when the living God   The final section is full of praise,
        had spoken to him out of the burning   assurance and joy. It perfectly complements
        bush (Exo 3:4). Divine blessing would   the opening section by extolling the Lord
        come down from above upon the tribe   as “the God of Jeshurun.” He is viewed
        and extend to the offspring of Joseph’s two   in heavenly splendor, but yet He is
        sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.           not remote. He assisted His people by
          Zebulun and Issachar (vv18-19) – These   sheltering and supporting them through
        two were united in a joint blessing.   their many trials. He was their refuge

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