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Ultimately, these will be fulfilled in the   In verse 4, Moses is described in the third
        future millennial kingdom upon earth.   person, as if by an independent recorder:
        They were blessings that God alone could   “Moses commanded us a law.” This Law,
        give. There are three main sections in the   as well as the blessings, was for the whole
        chapter: Divine Glory (vv1-5), Divine   nation, the descendants of Jacob.
        Bounty (vv6-25) and Divine Security    Verse 5 speaks of God as being “king
        (vv26-29).                           in Jeshurun.” This unusual term referring
                                             to Israel appears only three times in
        DIVINE GLORY (vv1-5)                 Scripture, as found in the closing chapters
          In graphic style (v2), Moses spoke of   of Deuteronomy (32:15; 33:5,26). The root
        the Lord rising up and shining forth as He   meaning is “uprightness.” The Israelites
        drew near to bless His people. He was like   should have been true to their God and to
        the sun, rising at dawn above the peaks   their name, but instead of being upright,
        of the desert mountains before blazing   they were bent and broken. They had
        forth in resplendent glory at its zenith.   wantonly forsaken the living God for false
        This imagery depicts His divine power   gods (32:51-17).
        and majesty; He had come forth “from   DIVINE BOUNTY (vv6-25)
        the myriads of the sanctuary” (JND), His   This section can be profitably compared
        heavenly dwelling place where the angelic   and contrasted with Jacob’s blessings upon
        hosts surrounded Him, worshipped and   his sons before he died (Gen 49:1-28).
        served Him continually. The “law of fire”   Simeon’s name is omitted here, but his
        from His right hand suggests righteous   blessing may be included in the blessing
        judgment. However, He had not come   upon Levi; the two tribes were often linked
        to judge His people but to bless them   together (Gen 34:30). Moses’ blessings were
        abundantly.                          not individual but rather tribal, relating to
          Moses affirmed God’s goodness in four   the descendants of Jacob’s sons who were
        delightful ways (v3). He is the great Lover   on the verge of entering, conquering and
        of His people – “Yea, he loved the people”;   settling in Canaan. The song of Moses in
        the great Keeper – “all his saints are in thy   the previous chapter extolled God as “the
        hand”; the great Teacher – “and they sat   Rock of his [Jeshurun’s] salvation” (Deu
        down at thy feet”; and the great Shepherd   32:15). Whereas the song had spoken much
        – “every one shall receive of thy words.”   of the nation’s past failings, Moses was now
        His character, care, counsel and comfort   focusing on its future blessings.
        meant that He provided for every need   Reuben (v6) – Jacob’s firstborn had lived
        of His people then, as He still does now.   an inconsistent life: he had sinned by
          This same cluster of precious truths was   sleeping with his father’s concubine, but
        experienced many years later by the family   it was he who had hoped to rescue Joseph
        of Martha, Mary and Lazarus of Bethany.   and spare him from death. Appropriately,
        Jesus was always welcome in their home   Moses’ blessing was framed as a hope that
        and they came to know His love (Joh   his descendants would live, and not die.
        11:5,35-36), comfort (Joh 11:23,25), and   He desired also that the Reubenites would
        counsel, for “Mary … sat at Jesus’ feet, and   be numerous.
        heard his word” (Luk 10:39). Indeed, Mary   Judah (v7) – Moses wished that the
        was always at His feet (Joh 11:32; 12:3).  prayers of Judah would be heard, that
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