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he last recorded words of a great   prepared the hearts and minds of the
              man  are  important,  especially   people before they would cross the Jordan
        Tfor those of a man of God like      River and begin the conquest of the land.
        Moses (Deu 33:1; Jos 14:6). After a long   He reminded them of God’s faithfulness in
        life of fellowship with God, he was still   the past (chs.1-4), reiterated the divine laws
        physically strong and mentally alert at   that were to govern their present behavior
        120 years of age (Deu 34:7). The last forty   (chs.5-30), and in the final chapters (31-34)
        of those years were the most trying of all,   he focused on the future.
        as Moses led the children of Israel out of   Moses appointed a new leader, Joshua
        Egypt, through the wilderness, and onto   (Deu 31:7), and then wrote out a song
        the plains of Moab bordering the land   that he taught to the people (Deu 31:22;
        of Canaan. The people had moaned and   32:1-43). Before he died and was buried
        groaned  every  step  of  the  way,  trying   by God in an unknown grave, he blessed
        Moses’ meekness and patience to the limit.   them all (Deu 33:1-29). This shows his
        Of those who had left Egypt, only Caleb   magnanimous spirit. Despite their having
        and Joshua would enter the promised land.   caused him headaches and heartaches for
        A generation had died in the wilderness   so many years, he was able to rise above
        because of unbelief (Heb 3:16-19).   any personal disappointment and take
          Moses himself was not permitted to   the long-term view. He accepted God’s
        enter Canaan because of a single act of   will and encouraged the next generation
        disobedience: one day he had angrily   to advance into new territory where he
        struck a rock instead of speaking to it   himself would never tread.
        as God had commanded (Num 20:7-12).    While Moses’ blessing in Deuteronomy
        However, God mercifully granted him a   33 is a reflection of his affection and desires
        panoramic view of the promised land from   for the nation, his words hold a prophetic
        the top of Mount Pisgah (Deu 34:1-4).  significance because they also reveal God’s
          In the book of Deuteronomy, Moses   purposes for the various tribes in Israel.

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