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Israel’s sword is still sharp today and   of righteousness.
        its military capability is leaps ahead of   Israel is often pictured as a vine, but
        regional competition, often manifest in   the choice vine (v11) suggests its election
        “revenge attacks” on Palestinian territory   by God as a people from whom would
        rather than dependence on Jehovah.    descend the Messiah, Who spoke of
          May God preserve us from Simeon-Levi   Himself  as  “the  true  vine.”  Garments
        character. Our sword should never be   speak of character, and the washing in
        used in cruelty. The spirit of Simeon-Levi   wine may be a reference to “the joy” that
        will always divide and destroy. May we be   was set before Him who endured the cross
        like the Simeon of Luke 2 who was “just   (Heb 12:2).
        and devout” (v25).                      Daniel was from the tribe of Judah, and
        Judah (“praise”) – The Future is Bright  through him came further prophecies that
          Judah means “praise.” Praise God    allow us to see the exact time when the
        for a bright future despite the failure   scepter did actually pass from Judah and
        and cruelty of the past. It would be   Shiloh did come – “Messiah the Prince.”
        hundreds of years after this prophecy   Truly, “he hath put a new song in my
        that Judah would take the leadership of   mouth, even praise unto our God” (Psa
        the nation, like the lion who is king of   40:3 KJV).
        beasts, overwhelming his enemies, and   Zebulun (“habitation” or “dwelling”) – A
        make a seemingly untouchable nation   Faulty Border
        into a united kingdom under David and
        Solomon. But the reference to Shiloh (v10)   The portrait of Zebulun is of a quiet
        takes us to “a greater than Solomon,”   man, maybe too quiet, for he neither
        for in the blessing of Judah we have the   protested against the ill treatment of
        advent of the Messiah.                Joseph nor drove out the Canaanites. The
          From one of the twins conceived     traits found in this man would surface
        through his reckless sin with Tamar,   in the nation that crucified Christ and,
        the royal line would continue and be   as a result, was scattered across the
        preserved all the way to Christ, who   world. Israel’s borders were vital to their
        was conceived of the Holy Spirit. Praise   separation and safety, but they would
        God! While Joseph received the double   face Sidon, the home of Baal worship.
        inheritance of the firstborn, Judah would   In Judges 1:30, Zebulun didn’t drive out
        be granted the dominion of the firstborn,   the inhabitants of Kitron and allowed
        and so the scepter, a symbol of rulership,   the  Canaanites  to  dwell  among  them.
        went to Judah.                        They were a haven for the wrong kind of
          Shiloh was a town in Israel where the   ships! Yet it was in Capernaum on the sea
        tabernacle was for a period, but clearly   coast in the borders of Zebulun that the
        Jacob refers here to a person – “He” to   Lord dwelt, and the people which sat in
        whom the gathering (Heb. “obedience”)   darkness saw great light! (Mat 4:16).
        of the people will be. This is a beautiful   The safe dwelling place of the believer
        picture of the ascended Christ as King,   today is the assembly, but we must
        spoken of in Revelation 5 as “the lion of   remember  not  to  remove  the  ancient
        the tribe of Judah,” and in Hebrews 1 as   landmark (border), for our borders are
        He whose kingdom is ruled with a scepter   what keep us separate.
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