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Many motels had forms in their rooms   exposition of Paul’s epistles and helping
        asking for comments on the service.   out in Bible studies with his knowledge
        After a year with the texts hanging on the   of the Greek language. He excelled at
        walls, one motel gave Jim about 15 forms   personal work. One brother tells of
        complimenting the texts. Jim took these   starting door-to-door work with Jim in a
        forms with him to new prospects and   small town far removed from an assembly.
        would ask the motel owner how long it   “Jim went into the first house and I went
        might take to get that many compliments.   down one side of the street and returned
        In many cases the answer was “Put them   up the other. About ninety minutes later,
        up!” During the 1980s, many believers   there was no sign of Jim. I came to the first
        travelling the Canadian Prairies found   house Jim entered and knocked on the
        themselves in motel rooms with a red   door. Jim answered it like he was family.
        rose John 3:16 text originally painted by
        Eleanor Johnston of the West Hillhurst   He had a unique gift in communicating
        assembly in Calgary, AB. The saints in the   with people. He was not obtrusive or
        Taylorside assembly in Melfort, SK framed   overwhelming, but rather  meek and
        many of these texts.                  mild.”
          Jim enjoyed studying the Greek        Five brethren from four assemblies
        language since he found it helped his study   shared memories of Jim at the large
        of the Bible. On most visits to assemblies   funeral held Friday, February 1, in the
        and in outlying communities he would   River  Road Gospel Hall in Portage  la
        inquire as to whether the community had   Prairie. Philip Ronald and Norman
        restaurants owned by Greeks. He found   Thiessen shared memories from Fifth
        many Greek owners and chefs were very   Avenue Hall where Jim fellowshipped
        receptive to his message when he shared   since the assembly’s inception (January
        his interest in their language and showed   2008). Randy Logue from Glen Ewen,
        them the Scriptures in the Greek New   SK spoke. Mark Fitch from Omaha and
        Testament. Jim found there often was an   Stanley Scott from Kansas City also gave
        interest in studying the Bible in the Greek   words of personal commendation. Paul
        language. He was always welcomed to   Thiessen closed with a clear word in the
        come back and did so on a repeated basis.  gospel. Jim published a book of short
          Our brother was faithful in visiting   gospel stories called “Better Than Gold”
        small assemblies far off the beaten track.   many years ago. His last box of these
        For many years he made annual visits   books was distributed at his funeral. “He
        to hold summer children’s meetings in   being dead yet speaketh” (Heb 11:4).
        Mervyn, SK and ministry meetings in
        Terrace, BC. He also paid regular visits to   Many were blessed by our brother’s
        Arborfield, SK, Kenora, ON and Thunder   broad smile and words of encouragement
        Bay, ON. In later years he looked forward   both in the gospel and teaching during
        to helping each September at the Kansas   five decades of ministry. He truly was a
        City conference with a visit to the saints   “Communicator” and an “Encourager”!
        in Omaha, and then the Hitesville, IA   Farewell, dear brother, until the day
        conference.                           dawn or we are called home. You ran
          Jim enjoyed doing verse-by-verse    your race well.

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