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Issachar (“he brings wages”) – Their   colours. May we, too, know the power of
        Forced Labour                        this prayer, “I have waited on thy salvation,
          Issachar is painted as “a strong ass   O Lord.”
        couching down.” Issachar means “he  Gad (“a troop”) – The Final Assault
        will bring a reward.” The ass was known   Gad, with Reuben, would settle in the
        for its ability to carry heavy goods. In 1   trans-Jordan area and be asked by Moses,
        Chronicles 7:5, the brethren among all   “Shall your brethren go to war, and shall
        the families of Issachar were “valiant   ye sit here?” But the troop would overcome
        men of might.” They were men that had   them (v19). So it was that the nation was
        understanding of the times, to know what   overcome by the Syrians and Chaldees and
        Israel ought to do. But we are told that   taken into captivity; but that is nothing
        Issachar bowed to pressure and became   compared to the power of Antichrist who
        a servant under tribute (Gen 49:15). So   will overcome them in a future day (Rev
        it is that Israel, burdened in Egypt, was   11:7) But the blessing in this promise is “he
        required to pay tribute, and in Esther’s   shall overcome at the last.”
        day, king Ahasuerus laid a tribute upon   Paul writes, “all Israel shall be saved”
        the land (Est 10:1).                 (Rom 11:26). Revelation 17:14 says, “the
          We must be careful that we don’t end   Lamb shall overcome them, ”for He is Lord
        up under the dominion of the world or   of lords and King of kings. May God help
        the flesh.                           us to be “overcomers.”
        Dan (“judging”) – The False Hope     Asher (“blessed”) – The Fatness of the
          Dan is little mentioned in the book of  Land
        Genesis, and the traits of this tribe manifest   Some say Asher was lost as a tribe
        serpent character. Meaning “to judge,”   in captivity but that is from the false
        it is in the book of Judges that we see   “British Israel theory.” In Luke 2 we see
        the deceitful character of Dan amplified.   a prophetess named Anna from the tribe
        Samson was a judge in the camp of Dan   of Asher who wouldn’t depart from the
        and exemplified the blindness of the   temple. What a “royal dainty” Anna was;
        nation. In 1 Kings 12, Jeroboam set up   yet this goes further to the reign of the King
        an idol in Dan for the people to worship   of kings for she waited on “the redemption
        rather than go down to Jerusalem.    of Jerusalem.” In that day they will pray,
          No mention is made of Dan in the   “give us this day our daily bread,” and
        144,000 of Revelation 7. Judah is mentioned   will enjoy the fatness of the land when
        first, pointing to Christ, and Dan is most   the Kingdom will be “on earth as it is in
        likely omitted due to their idolatry (Deu   Heaven.”
        29:18-21), thus pointing to Antichrist who
        will reign over (judge) Israel with the   Let us “taste and see that the Lord is
        support of Satan himself and the head   good,” and feed on the “royal dainties”
        of the revived Roman empire. Israel will   Christ has prepared for us.
        look and wait for a true deliverer and their  Naphtali (“wrestling”) – The Freedom of
        prayer will be answered.             the Nation
          The turning point in the chapter is verse   The smallest of the portraits is one of the
        18. This prayer brings us into a better light   most beautiful as we look at a nation now
        as the fortunes of Israel take on brighter   “let loose,” like a deer bounding across

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