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a change of mind on Isaac’s part. No re-  cassia, out of the ivory palaces” (Psa 45:8
        pentance was ever seen in Esau. However,   KJV). Isaac kissed Jacob in a sign of ac-
        God had overruled and His purpose was   ceptance and recognition to bless. Judas
        inviolate. Neither deception, self-will, our   kissed the Lord Jesus as a sign of his rec-
        desires, nor Satan will change what God   ognition and identification to betray. Our
        has stated in His Word. Jacob’s blessing   Lord Jesus stands alone, not desiring the
        was the purpose and will of God and   blessing, for He “is over all, God blessed
        he was the link to future blessing of the   forever” (Rom 9:5), but as the Giver of the
        people of God. Yet Esau lost any link with   greatest blessings!
        the promised seed. What each received
        corresponded to their respective heart   The Consideration of the
        attitudes to the birthright and what it   Blessing
        represented. Jacob was to receive fatness
        “from”  (v28)  heaven  and  earth,  while   The book of Genesis has foundational
        Esau’s dwelling would literally be “away”   lessons which continue throughout the
        (v39 ESV) from those same things. The   Word of God. One of the foremost is God’s
        same Hebrew word is used but carries   sovereignty. What He says will come to
        both ideas, as the context determines the   pass. How wonderful this is for us as we
        meaning (Gen 27:39). This is clear from the   depend on His faithfulness and word, and
        fact that the blessing cannot be identical,   how important it is to live life based on
        as well as Esau’s cry of lament (v34).   the future. Our hope lies in the future and
                                              eternity. Clearly Jacob valued the future.
        The Contrast of the Blessing          A balancing truth is that Jacob valued his
        Devotionally                          past and heritage. If we fail to embrace and

          There are touching contrasts to Jacob’s   value our heritage, we will have no future
        actions with those of our Lord Jesus   blessing. As assemblies of God’s people,
        Christ. While Jacob used deception to   we have a goodly heritage and we value
        obtain the blessing, our Lord came as THE   the commitment and cost of previous
        truth. While Jacob lied, presenting himself   generations. They too had to look to the
        as another son, it was heard from heaven   past and future to pass along truth to us. If
        by the Father, “This is my beloved Son!”   we do not value the past, we will lose the
        Jacob obtained an animal that died to pro-  distinction of maintaining what has been
        cure the blessing without any real effort or   handed down and passed on, and future
        cost. It cost our Lord all – to be the slain   blessing is in jeopardy on our watch. Most
        Lamb to provide blessing and salvation.   of all, it should be done with the great
        Jacob’s hands were deceitfully wrapped in   faithfulness of God in view. Jacob’s name
        the skin of an animal. “The hands are the   was the last in the string of those beloved
        hands of Esau,” said Isaac. There is One   names as God revealed Himself to be “the
        who alone bears in His hands the marks   God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” We
        that will forever tell the truth of Who He   may be the last generation to reveal Him
        is! The smell Jacob acquired deceitfully   in our day. May we, like Jacob, value the
        from Esau’s clothes was the earthy smell   blessing and birthright handed down and
        of the field. Contrast our Lord: “All Thy   rejoice in the faithfulness of our God to
        garments smell of myrrh, and aloes, and   keep His word.

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