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“       isten to your father!” never carried   Esau out of the birthright.

              more weight humanly speaking
                                                While Esau was on his hunting trip
        Lthan when the Bible’s patriarchs     expecting to be blessed upon return, Re-
        dispensed blessing to their children. Their   bekah and Jacob plotted deception. With
        words were not just hopeful wishes for   the clock ticking, Jacob moved quickly,
        their offspring but personal and prophetic   disguising himself as Esau and preparing
        statements  of  divine decree. There is   a kid from the flock for a meal.
        distinct significance in this case: instead
        of the norm and Esau the firstborn being   The Content of the Blessing
        blessed, Jacob is divinely designated as   The blessing included power, posses-
        the recipient of the patriarchal blessing.  sions, place, and posterity, and extended

        The Context of the Blessing           far beyond the immediate. The word
                                              “sons” (27:29), while appearing as if Jacob
          Isaac feels he is dying and desires to   had more than one brother, rather widely
        dispense the important family blessing   encompasses the lines of both men as
        relative to continuance and posterity to   progenitors. It is significant that the divine
        his firstborn, Esau. Similar to a will yet   name Elohim is used and not Jehovah
        far more reaching, the blessing extends to   when passing on this blessing. While the
        nature, and even how nations and others   blessing is extensive, it is far more so when
        will be blessed by their treatment of the   Jacob meets God in Bethel (28:13-15). Be-
        recipient.                            fore Isaac, Jacob’s personal exercise and
                                              scheming to acquire the blessing is seen.
        The Competition for the               But before God at Bethel, it is revelation
        Blessing                              from Jehovah as he comes empty, with
          Esau never regarded the birthright’s   nothing of self before the Lord, express-
        importance. God said, “Thus did Esau   ing awe and reverence. Far greater is the
        despise his birthright” (Gen 25:34). Jacob,   blessing from God when we do likewise!
        bargaining and later deceiving, at least   Isaac’s reference to “dew, fatness of the
        desired the birthright. This desire dem-  earth, and corn and wine” includes God’s
        onstrated faith, and more.            power as Creator. His blessing concludes
          God had stated before their births that   with limited reference to the blessing
        the blessing belonged to Jacob: “The el-  given to Abraham. However, the mention
        der shall serve the younger” (Gen 25:23).   of the tremendous proliferation of seed
        Also, in despising his birthright years   is absent.
        before, Esau sold it to Jacob for a bowl of   The Contrast of the Blessing
        stew because he was hungry. It was not
        “taken” from him as he claimed (27:36).   Directly
        Esau wanted immediate self-gratification.   Esau returned successful from the
        He had no concern for the future, and   hunt but lost the blessing. This is ironic
        little regard for his heritage or passing on   considering he initially sold his birthright
        blessing. As to his character, he is called a   for a meal. Hebrews 12:17 tells us he
        “profane person” (Heb 12:16).  Regardless   sought repentance from Isaac. This is not
        of Jacob’s deception, he did not “cheat”   repentance on Esau’s part but he sought

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