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n January 13, 2019, at the age of   his mother to meeting. He was convicted
               82, our beloved brother Mr. Leslie   that God might be speaking to him for
        OWells departed to be with his        the last time. A few days later, alone in
        Saviour and Lord. He leaves behind his   his bedroom, he was on his knees reading
        wife, Mrs. Louise Wells, and his brother   John chapter one. Stopping at verse ten,
        Stanley, and their family to whom we   he looked on the other side of the page
        extend our sincere condolences. We feel   and his eyes fell on verse 29: “Behold
        his  passing  very  much.  But  for  him,   the lamb of God which taketh away the
        oh what a blessing! He passed from    sin of the world.” I can still hear him say
        sufferings to splendor, from a hospital   with emotion, “I understood why Christ
        bed to the very heaven of bliss! He is now   died on the cross; it was for sin, it was for
        rejoicing in the immediate presence of the   me! I took it in and received Him as my
        Lord Jesus.                           Saviour at that moment!”  His heart went
          Son of Mr. and Mrs. John and Isabel   up to God in worship for the first time. It
        Wells, he was born in San Felipe, Venezuela   was June 10, 1957.
        on October 31, 1936. He was blessed with   Majoring  in  French,  he  finished  his
        an excellent memory and related to us   university studies the following year and
        some of Mr. William Williams’ messages   became a school teacher. From 1958 and
        he heard as a child. When he was nine   through the 60s and 70s, he often visited
        years old his parents moved back to N.   France  during  his  summer  vacation,
        Ireland due to Mrs. Wells’ health.    helping first Mr. William Taylor and then
          Over the years I often heard him tell   Mr. Denis O’Hare in tract distribution.
        with joy in his heart how God saved   He told us how these two brethren and
        him by His grace. He loved the Gospel   others encouraged him to give himself
        message, for it was shortly after attending   totally to the Lord’s work in France. He
        a Gospel series by Tom Campbell and   was attracted to France and made it a
        Harold Paisley that he trusted the Saviour.   matter of prayer but he never received
        His younger brother Stanley was saved   a confirmation from the Lord. However,
        during the last meeting, and the next day   1980 was a turning point in his life. He
        Leslie heard the disturbing news that   heard from Mr. James Walmsley in a visit
        a young man he knew was killed in a   in N. Ireland about the Lord working
        motorcycle accident. He had waved at him   among the French speaking people in
        the previous Lord’s Day when he drove   New Brunswick. He spoke to Mr. Wells

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