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ast month, we considered a man   David’s actions brought suffering to the
              who suffered for doing the right   whole  nation  of  Israel.  By  comparing
        Lthings. Joseph suffered at the hands   Scripture, we see that God allowed Satan
        of others for doing good, and with great   to fill David’s heart with pride. Despite
        pain he taught his own sinful brothers   the protests of his advisors, he ordered a
        righteousness. This month, we’ll consider   census, likely to count the greatness of his
        the agony of a man who suffered for his   kingdom. Lifted up in a moment of weak-
        own sins. David, a godly leader, suffered   ness, David’s desire to be great brought a
        deeply in the knowledge that his own ac-  death sentence on 70,000 innocent people
        tions hurt his people and angered the God   (2Sa 24; 1Ch 21).
        he loved. As sinners saved by grace, we can   The Reality of Suffering
        identify with and draw some comfort from
        his experience.                        Despite a life of war and hardness, God
                                             describes David as a man after His own
        Recounting the Scene                 heart (1Sa 13:14). The warrior-poet pours
          There are at least two incidents in the life   that heart out to God in Psalm 51 concern-
        of David showing that he, like us, was both   ing Bathsheba. After the prideful fall of the
        fallible and sinful. The first, recorded in 2   census, that same heart smote him deeply.
        Samuel 11, is the dark chapter of Bathsheba   Crying real tears and filled with pain, the
        and  Uriah.  In  an  unguarded  moment,   broken king cries for forgiveness. “For I
        David’s purity was stained by a stare. The   acknowledge my transgressions: and my
        king of Israel and Judah acted rashly, and   sin is ever before me. Against thee, thee
                                             only, have I sinned, and done this evil in
        his failure injured a woman, killed a dedi-  thy sight: that thou mightest be justified
        cated warrior and was profoundly evil in   when thou speakest, and be clear when
        God’s sight.                         thou judgest” (Psa 51:3,4 KJV).
          Lust is a scary, self-corrupting darkness.   In addition to David’s own pain, God’s
        It drove David to break a marriage bond   prophets revealed what David’s actions did
        and deceitfully arrange the death of a man   to others, too. Sin, even sin done in secret,
        completely obedient and dedicated to God   has a way of swelling like the tide. David
        and the kingdom. David attempted to trick   feels the flood. Bathsheba, like a quaking
        Uriah and lied to the chief of his armies and   lamb before David’s wanton power, must
        his God in order to satisfy his consuming   bear the deep emotional wounds of his
        desire for Bathsheba.                lust. Unwittingly, Uriah climbs through
          Later, as a mature leader of God’s people,   David’s web of deceit only to fall alone at

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