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here are three prominent brides   birth of Rebekah is mentioned. So ch.22 is
              in  Genesis  that  picture  the  re-  paving the way for ch.24.
        Tlationship  between  Christ  and       The  chapter  begins  with Abraham
        the Church. In Genesis 2:21-24, Eve is   commissioning his eldest servant to go
        provided for Adam as a result of God   to Nahor’s city to “take a wife” for Isaac.
        removing a rib from Adam’s side. This   He is assured of divine guidance (v7), and
        pictures the cost of providing a bride for   arriving at the well outside the city he
        Christ. In Genesis 24, Abraham’s servant   prays that the Lord will lead him to the
        is sent to find a bride for Isaac. Rebekah   damsel whom the Lord Himself had ap-
        is  faced  with  a  choice:  “Wilt  thou  go   pointed for Isaac (vv12-14). The sign that
        with this man?” Finally, in Genesis 41:45,   the servant requested is most interesting.
        Pharaoh provides Joseph with a bride,   He will request of the damsel to whom he
        Asenath, the daughter of Potipherah. She   would speak that she give him a refresh-
        shared his glory. Thus, ch.2 takes us back   ing drink of water, and she would not
        to the death of Christ, ch.24 brings us to   only grant his request, but would offer to
        the present time in which we must make   give drink to the camels also. Rebekah did
        a choice if we are to be part of the bride of   exactly what the servant had prayed, and
        Christ, while ch.41 takes us to the future   in doing so, not only confirmed that she
        when we shall be linked with Christ in His   was the one whom God had appointed for
        glorious reign.                       Isaac, but also that she would be a worthy
          Ch.24 does not give us the first refer-  bride for Isaac.
        ence to Rebekah. Her birth is mentioned   Upon  hearing  from  the  servant  his
        in 22:23, following the offering of Isaac by   purpose in coming, and the substance
        Abraham. While Abraham did not actu-  of his prayer request, Laban and Bethuel
        ally offer up Isaac, he is credited for hav-  recognized that this was of God. But the
        ing done so: “By faith Abraham, when he   next  day,  when  the  servant  requested
        was tried, offered up Isaac … accounting   that he might return to his master with
        that God was able to raise him up, even   Rebekah, the family sought for a delay
        from the dead” (Heb 11:17-19 KJV). This   (v55). Since the servant was determined to
        event on Mount Moriah is to be viewed as   leave, the decision was left with Rebekah
        a picture of the death, burial and resurrec-  herself: “Wilt thou go with this man?”
        tion of Christ. It is in this context that the   (v58). Although she had never seen Isaac,

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