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troduced yourself simply as “I am”? We   dence, His total freedom to do anything
        always add a qualifier on the end, but for   He wants, just what has He chosen to do
        the God of eternity, no qualifier is needed.   with that freedom? He has willingly come
        He simply is – unchanging, independent,   down to earth in the person of His Son, to
        underived; self-sufficient, self-sustained,   live a life of perfect dependence and then
        and self-satisfied. “I am.”          to die bound by nails on a wooden cross.
          As Matthew Henry put it, the best of men    At Calvary, we see the mighty Son of
        can only say, “I am what I am”; but God   God, bruised and beaten by puny, wicked
        says, “I am that I am.”              men, whose very lives He sustains (Joh
                                             19:11). Mark the depths of His stoop: In
        “In him was life” (Joh 1:4)          Gethsemane, an angel strengthens Him
          As the “I am,” His life is in no way con-  (Luk 22:43). At His arrest, His captors bind
        tingent. He doesn’t depend on anyone or   Him (Joh 18:12). Along the road, Simon
        anything else. He needs no support from   carries His cross (Luk 23:26). Upon that
        men (Jer 10:1-16). He exists independently   cross, He thirsts (Joh 19:28). He feels pain
        in and of Himself (Psa 50:10-12; Act 17:24-  (Psa 22:14). He cries out in forsakenness
        25). Every other being receives its life from   (Mat 27:46).
        an external source. We are “living souls”   Our minds struggle to align these scenes
        because God gave us “the breath of life”   with the great truth of His aseity, but one
        (Gen 2:7), and every day, that life depends   thing is certain: His love was entirely free
        on air to breathe, water to drink, food to   – unconstrained, undeserved, yet lavished
        eat, shelter to protect, heat to stay warm,   on you and me. In the end, we can only step
        and many other things. This derived-life   back in wonder at the mystery: “God was
        makes us accountable, as human beings, to   manifest in flesh” (1Ti 3:16).
        the One who gives it to us and sustains it   His mighty, self-sufficient strength was
        by His power. But no one sustains God! He   cloaked at Calvary in the garb of apparent
        alone has immortality (1Ti 6:16). He alone   weakness for our redemption (2Co 13:4).
        has life in Himself (Joh 5:26), and therefore   Yet now, because of Calvary, when we are
        He is accountable to no one.         truly weak, He offers us His great eternal
          There can only be one truly unaccount-  strength, made perfect in our weakness
        able,  underived  Being:  God  Himself.   (12:9).
        Everything else ultimately derives its life
        from, and is therefore accountable to, the   “Who is like Thee?” (Exo 15:11)
        “Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the   On the banks of the Red Sea where their
        ending … the Lord which is, and which   enemies had just been destroyed, Israel
        was, and which is to come, the Almighty”   sang: “Who is like Thee, O Lord? … Who
        (Rev 1:8).
                                             is like Thee?” (Exo 15:11).
        “We beheld his glory”                  Centuries later, King David “sat before
                                             the Lord,” pondering that same question
         (Joh 1:14)                          as he marveled at God’s grace toward his
          But our consideration of God’s self-suf-  house (2Sa 7:18). There he answered it with
        ficiency would be incomplete without also   words that our redeemed hearts still echo:
        contemplating the glory of the Incarnation.   “Thou art great, O LORD God; for there is
        If God’s aseity is His ultimate indepen-  none like Thee”(2Sa 7:22).

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