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“In the beginning God”               and  independent.  Only  through  faith
                                             can we embrace Him as He truly is (Heb
        (Gen 1:1)                            11:6). Let’s consider a few more four-word
          We are only four words in and already   phrases from Scripture that provide little
        the  Bible  is  confronting  us  with  God’s   glimpses of our Self-Sufficient God.
        aseity. Aseity means “self-existence,”  a   “What is His name?” (Exo 3:13)
        concept hard to grasp in a world where
        nothing is self-sufficient. Everything we   Moses was a lonely, desert shepherd
        see has a source, a cause, a place and time   standing by a burning bush when God
        where it began. Everything has a begin-  broke into his life with a daunting commis-
        ning, except for God.                sion: Go tell Pharaoh to let his slaves go.
          Even  little  children  understand  and   Moses had good reason to hesitate. Years
        expect causation. As a young father, my   earlier, he had run away from Egypt, afraid
        life  is  full  of  questions  such  as,  “Dad,   for his life.
        where does the sun come from?” Eventu-  His response was incredulous: “Who am
        ally, and often on a Sunday, it seems, the   I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that
        inevitable question is asked, “Dad, where   I should bring forth the children of Israel
        does God come from?” A sweet little face   out of Egypt?” (Exo 3:11 KJV). “I’m just
        looks up into mine with simple sincerity,   an outcast (Exo 2:15), a lowly shepherd
        awaiting the answer. “God doesn’t come   (3:1), a stammerer (4:10), an unwanted
        from anywhere, darling. He has always   hero (2:14).”
        been.” There’s a brief pause as the reply   God’s reply was a promise, “I will be
        is met with silent wonder. Even the bright   with thee” (3:12), which pointed Moses
        and mighty sun has a source, but God has   to a better question: “Who are you?” The
        always been there? For a moment she pon-  answer came: “I AM [who] I AM … Say
        ders the imponderable before wandering   unto the children of Israel, ‘I AM hath sent
        off in childlike awe. We have no natural   me unto you’” (3:14 KJV).
        category for Someone who never began   “I am.” The simplicity of it is striking. It’s
        – for Something that exists all on its own   the shortest complete sentence in English,
        – yet that’s exactly how God is.     containing only two words made up of
          When everything else began, God was   three letters in total, but when spoken by
        already there. He is eternally self-sufficient   God in self-revelation it conveys an im-
        ¹Latin: aseitas - “a” (from) + “se” (oneself) +   mense truth.
        “itas” [Merriam-Webster]               His name is “I am.” Have you ever in-

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