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he story of Ehud, the second judge,   they would obey His commandments. Be-
              is one of surprising details and ex-  cause of their sin, “the LORD strengthened
        Tplicit violence. Should a story like   Eglon the king of Moab against Israel” (Jdg
        this be in the Scriptures? Yes, it should.   3:12), and with a confederate force with the
        This story teaches us of God moving and   sons of Ammon and Amalek they defeated
        crafting deliverance for His people in a   Israel and brought them into 18 years of
        way we do not expect. Judges 3 records   bondage.
        how Ehud walked into a king’s palace, as-  Nearly two decades later, the people of
        sassinated him, and walked out unharmed.   Israel cried out to the Lord for deliverance.
        It is the story of one cunning man used   God, in His mercy, raised up Ehud, the son
        by God to deliver an entire nation in a   of Gera, a Benjamite, to rescue them. Ehud
        single day.                          was left-handed. Left-handedness was not
          Israel did what was evil in the sight of   rare in the tribe of Benjamin (see Jdg 20:15-
        the Lord. When we read of Ehud, Israel had   16) but might not have been expected from
        forgotten the Lord their God and served   King Eglon’s point of view. Ehud was sent
        idols – again (Jdg 3:7,12). Twice in our   to bring tribute to Eglon the king, but he
        story, idols are mentioned as Ehud moved   also brought something else – a two-edged
        through the land. We see “the idols which   dagger concealed on his right thigh. The
        were at Gilgal” (Jdg 3:19 NASB), and “he   inclusion of this detail points us to how
        passed by the idols and escaped to Seirah”   God was going to bring deliverance to
        (Jdg 3:26 NASB). These are no mere anec-  His people. It is probable most men would
        dotes but details that point to the moral   have been right-handed and placed their
        decay of Israel and their rebellion against   weapon on their left thigh. A dagger on
        the Lord. Idolatry was in the land and in   the right thigh might just go undetected,
        their hearts. God would use the surround-  and it did. Ehud’s left-handedness was no
        ing nations to test and prove them to see if   mistake.

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