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his article is the first in a series:   of Potiphar’s wife. Her lies and deceit com-
              “Saints Who Suffered.” Our goal   pounded Joseph’s rejection and suffering.
        Tis to encourage believers in trial,   He would not submit to her wickedness
        and it seems fitting to start with a man   and sin against God (Gen 39:9). As a result,
        God elevated from the lows of prison to   he was cast into prison and forgotten.
        the height of power. It is remarkable that   Yet, even in prison Joseph’s integrity
        so much of God’s Book of Beginnings,   shone. Pharaoh’s disgraced butler found
        Genesis, is occupied with this one man. In   himself  indebted  to  a  godly  man  who
        print, film, audio and the stage, Joseph is   opened  dreams  by  the  power  of  God.
        known as one who suffered for righteous-  Ironically, dreams led Joseph to Egypt in
        ness’ sake. He was a good and fruitful   chains and dreams would set him beside
        bough by a well, whose branches ran over   Pharaoh’s throne. Finally remembered,
        a great wall of difficulty (Gen 49:22). His   Joseph displayed the wisdom of God to the
        life inspires many.                  confused young Pharaoh. His acumen was
                                             recognized and, after years of suffering,
        Recounting the Scene                 Joseph left the cistern, slavery and the cell
          Our introduction to Joseph makes it clear   to rule the land of Egypt!
        that he was unique, marked by honesty
        and obedience to earthly authority and   The Reality of Suffering
        the God of heaven. There is no hint of self   We tend to wonder why people like
        in the characteristic reply to his father,   Joseph suffer. Somehow, we expect the
        “Here am I!” God marked him for service   sinfulness of sin to leave them alone. But
        at a youthful age, and his honest report   suffering befalls all of humankind; it is a
        and fantastic dreams kindled a dark and   product of sin. Each of us is subject to sin in
        sinister jealousy among his brothers. They   this world, and so suffering follows. It may
        rejected Joseph and his dreams and sold   come physically, emotionally or spiritually,
        him as a slave, seeking an expedient end   and it hurts. Saint and sinner groan and
        to the light he shed on their stained and   travail in the pain of sin. The Apostle Paul
        selfish hearts.                      wrote that even we, first fruits of the Spirit
          Slavery led him to Potiphar’s house, and   of God, groan within ourselves because of
        while the scene changed, Joseph’s spirit   sin (Rom 8:22).
        and long trial did not. Within a brief time,   Joseph  suffered  for  doing  what  was
        Joseph was elevated by his godly character   right in a sinful world. We do not read of
        and dutifully met all of Potiphar’s needs.   his own actions bringing him shame, but
        His success and appearance caught the eye   the wrongs of others grieved him (Gen

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