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which hath delivered thine enemies into   (KJV). Abraham did not have those words
        thy hand” (14:19-20 KJV).             written down, but he learned them from
          As Melchizedek blesses, or invokes the   a great priest.  We too need to remember
        divine favor upon Abraham, he speaks   that our battles are not fought by our own
        first of the immeasurable God, and then   strength, but that we need to rely on the
        about the immensity of His riches. He is   presence and power of God with us.
        “El Helyohn,” the Most High God, above   That Melchizedek was an important
        all others, without peer. He is also the   figure  is  shown  by  the  fact  that  he  is
        “Possessor of heaven and earth,” or as the   mentioned in Genesis 14, Psalm 110 and
        psalmist says, “Every beast of the forest is   Hebrews 7. The writer to the Hebrews
        mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills   says: “Consider how great this man was”
        … the wild beasts of the field are mine …   (7:4). Abraham, too, was a great man, but
        the world is mine, and the fulness thereof”   the “less [Abraham] is blessed of the better
        (Psa 50:10-12 KJV). He then says, “Offer   [Melchizedek]”(v7). Remember we have a
        unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows   “great high priest, that is passed into the
        unto the most High” (50:14), using the   heavens” (Heb 4:14), far greater yet than
        same title Melchizedek uses when bless-  Melchizedek, and who has blessed us
        ing Abraham. So when the king of Sodom   far more abundantly than Melchizedek
        offers Abraham a few material blessings,   could ever have blessed Abraham. He also
        “the goods,” Abraham recalls and repeats   received “tithes of Abraham” (Heb 7:6),
        that his God, “El Helyohn,” the Most High   teaching us that we too can give – offering
        God, possesses all things in heaven and on   the sacrifice of praise to the One who is
        earth, and that he has no need to accept   infinitely worthy, and far more important
        anything from this earthly king. A small   than Melchizedek.
        token of God’s immense provision was    In a crucial moment, when Abraham
        seen in the bringing forth of bread and   had obtained a tremendous victory, God
        wine. It was a material blessing- physical   graciously sent a priest,  Melchizedek,
        sustenance after a time of great exertion.   to bless him. The timing was perfect, as
        Remember that our sustenance and sat-  God’s timing always is. This blessing not
        isfaction, too, are found in the One who   only provided for his physical need at the
        freely supplies all our needs, not in what   moment, giving him bread and wine, but
        this world offers to us.              perhaps more importantly, in words fitly
          Melchizedek then reminds Abraham    spoken, taught him lessons about God
        about God’s involvement in this battle   and about himself. God is the Most High
        – “this victory came about as a result of   One; He is the Possessor of heaven and
        God delivering your enemies into your   earth; He is the One who gives the vic-
        hands” (Gen 14:20). Moses wrote about   tory. As this priest met Abraham’s need,
        this  truth  years  later  in  Deuteronomy   we see our needs being met by our Great
        20:1-4. The priest was responsible to re-  High Priest, who comes alongside us in
        mind the people when they were going to   moments of trial, temptation, infirmities,
        battle, seeing the enemies were a people   despair, as well as in those lofty moments
        greater than they, that “the  Lord your   of seeming great success. At the throne of
        God is He that goeth with you, to fight for   grace, we find the blessing of help in time
        you against your enemies, to save you”   of need (Heb 4:15-16).

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