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J   ust  over  four  thousand  years  ago,   means peace. In Hebrews 7, we learn

            when Lot lived in Sodom with his
                                              additional details about this king-priest.
            family, and his uncle Abraham lived
        in the plain of Mamre, four kings came   He was “without father, without mother,
                                              without descent, having neither beginning
        along and attacked five cities, including   of days, nor end of life” (Heb 7:3 KJV).
        Sodom. Things did not go well for the   Remembering that Genesis, where we
        coalition to which the king of Sodom be-  find him, is a book that is very focused
        longed, and soon he, along with the king   on genealogy, this is rather astounding!
        of Gomorrah, fled, and fell in the vale of   Genesis 5:1 says: “This is the book of the
        Siddim, an area “full of slimepits” (Gen   generations of Adam,” and then gives
        14:10). The four kings took all the goods   us not only the names of the “descent,”
        of Sodom and Gomorrah, and “they took   or descendants of many men, but also a
        Lot … and departed” (14:12).          timeline. When we come to Melchizedek,
          Although many had been slain, one man   however, there is no mention of his par-
        escaped and quickly took word to Abra-  ents nor any possible descendants, and no
        ham that Lot had been taken captive. He   mention of his birth nor his death. This is
        armed his trained servants, 318 of them,   not to say he didn’t have them, but rather
        and pursued them unto Dan.  Amazingly,   gives us a beautiful illustration of “the Son
        we would say, he “smote them, and pur-  of God,” as he was made like unto Him.
        sued them unto Hobah,” and was able to   What did his intervention accomplish?
        bring back all the spoils, as well as Lot and   The king of Sodom is about to meet with
        all his goods, the women and the people   Abraham, and will have a proposition for
        (14:15-16).  The king of Sodom was grate-  him: “Give me the persons, and take the
        ful to Abraham, and went out to meet him   goods unto thyself” (Gen 14:21). Abraham
        upon his return, at the valley of Shaveh.    will refuse the offer, knowing the king
          It is here that there is a sudden insertion   could later say, “I have made Abram rich,”
        in the story that is of utmost importance.   but what helped Abraham come to this
        The flow of the story would continue un-  important decision?
        hindered without the story of this man,   The instruction that Melchizedek gave
        but the introduction of the first priest   to Abraham about God in this short bless-
        mentioned in the Bible, Melchizedek,   ing would quickly be learned and used by
        teaches us many lessons.              Abraham as he made a crucial decision in
          Think first about his identity. Melchize-  a moment of crisis.  Remember the words
        dek is called “king of Salem” and “the   of this blessing: “Blessed be Abram of the
        priest of the most high God.” His name   most high God, possessor of heaven and
        means king of righteousness; “Salem”   earth: and blessed be the most high God,

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