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Introduction                         other parties to the contract, most notably
          It is generally recognized that, while of-  the covenant of the Law; thus we speak of
        ten helpful, information in Wikipedia is not   unilateral and bilateral covenants.
        always accurate. For example, it indicates   Although the first reference to a covenant
        that maybe Priscilla was the anonymous   is in the story of Noah, it seems that God
        writer of the Epistle to the Hebrews! When   had made a covenant with Adam in prime-
        it comes to covenants, it does indicate the   val days. We are indebted to the prophet
        wide variety of opinion about the nature of   Hosea for enlightening us about this. The
        a Bible covenant, telling us that scholars see   people of his generation had transgressed
        anything between one and twelve different   a covenant “like Adam” (Hos 6:7, most
        covenants. This series will in no way em-  translations). Thus the first agreement that
        brace the top number but will be confined   God ever made with mankind was with the
        to what would normally be viewed as valid   head of the race, Adam himself.
        Bible covenants.                     The Covenant
          Although the word “covenant” is em-
        ployed extensively in Scripture, even be-  In his Bible notes, C.I. Scofield speaks
        ing retained in most recent translations, it   of the Edenic Covenant based on Genesis
        is rarely used in current conversation, so   1:28, whereby in the dispensation of in-
        an indication of the meaning of the word   nocence Adam was under mandate to “re-
        seems necessary. Definitions in secular   plenish the earth and subdue it.” He then
        dictionaries convey the idea of “a solemn   refers to the Adamic Covenant, based on
        agreement,” or “a legally binding agree-  God’s pronouncements subsequent to the
        ment,” and this aptly expresses the Bible’s   Fall, when He consigned mankind and the
        meaning of a covenant.               earth to disagreeable conditions pending
          The word is first used in connection with   the coming Kingdom Age (Gen 3:14-19).
        Noah: “with thee will I establish my cov-  Paul described this as “the creation [being]
        enant” (Gen 6:18), and the next article will   subjected to vanity, not of its own will,”
        deal with God’s agreement with Noah, one   until ultimately being “delivered from the
        which holds good until this present day.   bondage of corruption” (Rom 8:20-21 RV).
        Other covenants will be explored, includ-  Scofield’s description of these instruc-
        ing God’s pledges to notable characters   tions and pronouncements as covenants
        such as Abraham and David.           is possibly valid, but the way that Hosea’s
          Some of the covenants that God initiated   language is couched and his use of the
        were unconditional commitments, such   word “transgressed” leaves us with the
        as the promises to Abraham and David,   distinct impression that God’s covenant
        but on other occasions, promised blessing   with Adam relates to His instructions
        was dependent on the compliance of the   regarding the tree of the knowledge of

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